Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Evening Commentary

Sunday afternoon and not much to report. We are still here and Gaines and I are still together...thankfully. His heart rate tracing looked great again this morning. I think they are looking better and better. I'm not an expert on it but everyone around here seems to be describing them more favorably. For a while it was, "Well that's what you'd expect of a 24 weeker" or "It's what you'd expect from someone with broken water". Lately it's been "It looks beautiful" or great, excellent, get the drift.

I'm in better spirits today. I wasn't in bad spirits yesterday...just one of those days when every so often you get nervous/scared/worried etc. Last night when I was saying my prayers before bed, I had barely started thanking God for giving us another day when tears started rolling out of my eyes. I didn't even really know why. I've only cried maybe 4 times since I've been here so it was weird. I think I just finally let myself think about what happens when Gaines actually gets here. For the last 32 days I haven't let my mind go there. The unknown is very scary to me. Enough of that...I just wanted the record to show that I am back to having a positive attitude.

I had three doctors that came in this morning but one was actually an attending so I asked her a question that had been nagging at me since last night. One of the functions of the fluid is for a baby to practice breathing before they are born. I asked how having no fluid was affecting Gaines' lung development. She told me that he doesn't have no fluid; he has 4.5 whatever they use to measure (it should be closer to about 16 if I was unruptured). Since he has some it shouldn't be a concern. Apparently, he doesn't need a lot for his little self to practice. It was such a relief to hear that. She explained that if they did a sonogram and it showed up that he had no fluid they would put me on stricter bed rest (no bathroom and no showers) and hook me up to fluids in an attempt to build it up.

Our favorite attending came in a few nights ago and I had her explain the hierarchy around here again. I pretty much understood it but I wanted to know who constitutes a "real doctor". I confessed that at this point I always questioned anything that anyone other than an attending told me. I don't mean to sound so untrustworthy but this is my very early baby we are talking about. I might take their word on a cold or something (actually knowing me even that's questionable) but not this. Bottom line, I still don't know who is a "real doctor" and who isn't. All I really got out of it is that different levels have different levels of responsibilities. My real reason for asking is because I wanted to know which level person would be delivering Gaines. The good news is that an attending has to be in the room. I won't go into all the details of it but basically they are right there.

I guess that's about it. I know not everyone cares about my questions concerning the doctor hierarchy and various other rants but I think my family and close friends do...and if they don't they better start. Anyway, I just try and explain all of this as I learn about it.

A quick Uno update before I go...We have decided to keep one big game going while we are here. I am ahead by 204 points. Not that I'm keeping track but if we were playing to 500 like we should, I would have already a lot.

Hope you all had a great weekend.



Courtney Rogers said...

Brittany, I have been following your blog from "Kelly's Korner". Thank you for updating as well as you (and Beau) have. I have been praying for everyone involved! But please update us on Reed too. He has been in my thoughts so much! Hang in there girl!

Lori said...

I'm not family and I'm interested in what ever is on your mind. I check a few times a day to get the latest. Your in my prayers. I too am interested in how Reed is doing. How about Jack? I sure hope you have a great family member or friend who has Jack. Is Jack with Reed?

Domestic Diva said...

Hello Brittany, I've been following your blog since a internet friend of mine and real friend to you (Penni) told me of your struggles and asked for some prayers. I have to say I care about your doctors:). I may not know you personally but I'm a mother of 3 and that is a very important question, even if you didn't have the kind of issues you are having, so no worries I think most of us moms out there are feeling you. I will continue to keep you and Gaines in my prayers. Oh and you really do have people praying for you all around the clock, I live in malaysia currently so we are the exact opposite of you all as far as time, well in the DC area.


Amanda said...

Glad you are in better spirits today. I'm sure having the question about the fluid answered gave you a better peace of mind(and that was a very good question by the way!) It took me months to figure out the hierachy when my daughter was in the NICU. And the whole scrubs thing- nurses in fun scrubs, doctor's in blue scrub or green and attendings in real clothes and then the Neo's, and yeah I'm not even getting it straight now trying to remember it all :)

Rosie said...

Hi Brittany and Beau,

I'm so glad things are still going well for you and Gaines. I think there are more people interested in reading your explanations than you think. I think it gives us a more specific prayer to offer on your behalf. And too, it may help someone else who is or will be in your same situation someday. Anyway, I think you and Beau are doing a great job.
If there is anything you need or "want" that I can send, just let me know and I'll do my best to get it done.
Still praying back home,