Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Worn Slap Out

It's a bullet point kind of night.  My work has been crazy lately and I've been running a lot more at night and on Saturdays and I've just kind of hit a wall this week.  I am worn slap out.  So if you want to read the innerworkings of my mind, you'll just have to read the bullet points.  But thanks for reading!

-My boys are good.  Both of them.  If Gaines didn't have a canula attached to his face you'd never know he had health issues.  We've got permission to wean oxygen up to 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night.  I know that he can do 2 and 2 but really I haven't been pushing  him.  I'm focusing on fattening him up and I think him working to breathe burns more calories.  His appetite stimulant has been increased and we are starting to slowly see him eating more. 

-Yesterday we ordered a net type cage for Gaines' keep him in...because he is trying to climb out and is super close to making it. 

-I can't remember the last time I cooked dinner.  I'm pretty sure it was last week but I don't know what day ir was or what I made.  I usually cook every night (except Friday night...that's pizza night) so that's kind of weird. 

-Beau just made and brought me a hot a glass.  I so appreciate him doing that but it cracks me up drinking hot chocolate out of a glass.  It should be in a mug for those of you that may be confused.  I'm particular about my drinkware...and dinnerware for that matter.

-A Beau highlight, his sweatpants bit the dust this week and I'm thankful for that.  They are in a better place. 

-Gaines is still taking good steps.  He's getting stronger and stronger every day.  That boy is super sweet 80% of the time and pure attitude the other 20%. 

-I started watching Dallas (yes the 80's show) over the weekend and while I've only seen an episode and a half, I'm hooked! 

-I am all for couponing and support the people who do it, but please, if it is going to take you 5 transactions to make your purchases at CVS and the nice girl behind you only has two things in her hands, let her go in front of you.  I'm just saying.

-Oh, and I haven't been keeping up the blog so well because I worked so hard on that last post I did with multiple pictures and only got one little comment on it.  Its boring to type to silence. 

I'm out for tonight. I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but I'm really tired.  Peace out.

Love to all,