Monday, January 30, 2012

This, that and the other...

Hello World-

Have you missed me? I’m sure that you have all been waiting by your computers for a Daniel Family update. Probably clicking the refresh button just hoping a new one will pop up. On a side note, is there anyone still reading this? I pretty much just update to sort of scrapbook so if there are folks still out there, pipe up.

I really wish I knew how to update the settings on here and get this blog looking better. I see so many cute blogs and mine is just one not one of them. But I guess that is a problem for another day. And I know that I should be updating pictures too but I’m just not tech savvy. I’m waiting on this whole technology fad to run its course. I’m over it.

But anyway…

Let’s see, lately we have been spending more time in the car running from one activity to another. Reed has choir on Wednesdays so we all go to church on Wednesdays now and then Reed has basketball practice (you read that right) on Thursdays. Beau is helping coach so the Gaineser and I spend Thursdays together. Usually eating whatever we want and doing as little as possible. I guess that doesn’t sound like too much but when two of your five weekdays are different than what we’ve been used too, it’s kind of thrown me for a loop. I’m a creature of habit. I guess I’m just learning a new routine. Oh and now we have basketball games every Saturday.

I cannot even believe that Reed plays basketball. He is one of the youngest so he has a little ways to go to be the best on the team, but he holds his own. Especially on defense. A couple of weeks ago he pretty much horse collar tackled a kid trying to get the ball away from him. Like would have been ejected if it had been a “real” game. Poor thing didn’t even know that wasn’t allowed. He also made two baskets (both in the wrong goal) that game but he’s getting there. All in all it’s been fun so far. Hope it continues.

In Gaines news, he is pretty much grown-up. This past week we said good-bye to the crib and hello to the big boy bed. He is doing great with it. Usually he sleeps all over the bed, kind of like he was still in the crib but this morning it was like he hadn’t moved. Snug as a bug in a rug still under the covers with all 6 animals tucked tightly around him. Y’all, I swear that boy is so cute I can’t even stand it (Reed too). It’s been his saving grace lately as he’s been testing his limits…do I say that every blog post? Probably.

So far we have had a pretty good winter with him, especially considering he’s going to school a half day a week and church twice a week. He’s gotten a few colds but has gotten over them on his own. That is a big deal. We still have a couple more months of cold season but I am encouraged by how well he’s done so far.

We are super close to having Gaines potty trained. He has been begging to be trained for a while now but neither Beau nor I have really had the energy for it…but I think we are there. He will be in underwear all week…even on outings. I’ll report back. I hate public restrooms with a passion and you pretty much have to swallow that when you have a potty training toddler. Did y’all know that about me? I really don’t like to talk or even open my mouth in them. Also, I will get off of a too crowded elevator. There are a couple of fun facts for you.

In school news we will be making some adjustments to the status quo in a couple of months. Gaines will start school full time in April. He is SO ready…he doesn’t know it yet as right now he doesn’t love school, but he really is. He needs the structure. I know that it will grow on him as soon as he’s there full time. Also, we are in the process of trying to decide where Reed will go to K4 in the fall. I know that it’s not “real” kindergarten but I cannot believe that my sweet Reed will be in big school this year.

Ok…I’ll leave y’all with this funny. We were all on the way to school Friday morning (me, Reed & Gaines). Gaines mouthed of at me about something (who can even keep up with what anymore) and Reed piped up and said, “Excuse me? Is that how you talk to your mama?” I loved it. They absolutely wear me out and there are days that I feel like they are sucking the life right out of me but how boring would life be without them?

Love to all,