Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Worn Slap Out

It's a bullet point kind of night.  My work has been crazy lately and I've been running a lot more at night and on Saturdays and I've just kind of hit a wall this week.  I am worn slap out.  So if you want to read the innerworkings of my mind, you'll just have to read the bullet points.  But thanks for reading!

-My boys are good.  Both of them.  If Gaines didn't have a canula attached to his face you'd never know he had health issues.  We've got permission to wean oxygen up to 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night.  I know that he can do 2 and 2 but really I haven't been pushing  him.  I'm focusing on fattening him up and I think him working to breathe burns more calories.  His appetite stimulant has been increased and we are starting to slowly see him eating more. 

-Yesterday we ordered a net type cage for Gaines' keep him in...because he is trying to climb out and is super close to making it. 

-I can't remember the last time I cooked dinner.  I'm pretty sure it was last week but I don't know what day ir was or what I made.  I usually cook every night (except Friday night...that's pizza night) so that's kind of weird. 

-Beau just made and brought me a hot a glass.  I so appreciate him doing that but it cracks me up drinking hot chocolate out of a glass.  It should be in a mug for those of you that may be confused.  I'm particular about my drinkware...and dinnerware for that matter.

-A Beau highlight, his sweatpants bit the dust this week and I'm thankful for that.  They are in a better place. 

-Gaines is still taking good steps.  He's getting stronger and stronger every day.  That boy is super sweet 80% of the time and pure attitude the other 20%. 

-I started watching Dallas (yes the 80's show) over the weekend and while I've only seen an episode and a half, I'm hooked! 

-I am all for couponing and support the people who do it, but please, if it is going to take you 5 transactions to make your purchases at CVS and the nice girl behind you only has two things in her hands, let her go in front of you.  I'm just saying.

-Oh, and I haven't been keeping up the blog so well because I worked so hard on that last post I did with multiple pictures and only got one little comment on it.  Its boring to type to silence. 

I'm out for tonight. I don't know if I've mentioned it or not but I'm really tired.  Peace out.

Love to all,



Abby said...

Thanks for making me laugh, Brittany!
Glad you are keeping all three of your boys in line!

The Anglin Family said...

Well, I looked at the pics on your last post and Gaines has grown so much since last time I read your blog. He is precious! Both of them are!
And, the couponing thing. My husband gets mad bc I dont do enough of it, but if we get behind someone who has a ton of coupons, he gets really angry..:))

Anonymous said...

Hi, just stopping by to catch up. I fell behind over the holidays, and after.
I enjoyed your photos, and hearing what's been going on with the boys.
Take care--and get some rest!

Carrie said...

Hope you get some rest! Glad to hear how well Gaines is doing, that's great.

jessie said...

i'm not sure how i ran across your blog but i'm glad i did. i've been reading since you were in the hospital with gaines. glad y'all are doing well and easing off the oxygen! both boys are such cuties!!

Emery Wilkerson said...

i'm laughing at you b/c I get sad when I don't get comments too. However, I'm not great about leaving them for other people either so I need to work on that! I'm still reading, but haven't commented in a while! I might need a little info on the crib tent you ordered if it is easy & works. I'm afraid we might have that problem before long. PS- I loved the bathtub pic in previous post!! So cute!

. said...

Please keep writing!! I always read your posts. Prayed many night for Gaines and you all! I promise to comment more!!

Lori said...

I know the feeling, typing to silence isn't even worth it for the mute. I still poke my head in here to check up on Gaines (and the rest of the family) but I'm usually silent, (shame on me). Glad to hear the little fellow is doing so great! Oh, also,I am a couponer and I do let anybody behind me go ahead of me if I have more than one transaction. and I go in the morning hrs. when it's not so busy if I'm going to have a couple transactions and I DO NOT clear shelves either, (I'm not one of those). Just saying.

Mica said...

Thank you for updating. I have been reading your blog since you were in the hospital before Gaines was born. I have loved watching your little family grow and you do such an excellent job in dealing with all of Gaines issues. We may not comment but we are here.

Steve said...

Hey, Im reading your blog! I loved your last post-in fact I made my co-worker look at the picture of the boys fighting over the car bc I thought Gaines face was hilarious. I only commented once,but its bc you need a Google account and I dont have one but my husband, Steve does. My last comment was that you should add Gaines to your sidebar. Then I realized that it probably sounded really wierd that some guy named Steve was asking you for pictures. Anyway, Im Jill and I love your blog!

Angie said...

I've missed your blog for about a month now--enjoying catching up and seeing the newest pictures of the boys. I...can' big Gaines is now!!!!! Love from Andalusia. angie sasser