Friday, December 31, 2010

The Latest

I'm back.  In my mind I've got lots to say...lets see if I can remember any of it.  I'll try and add some pictures too.  I got a new camera for Christmas that I've been practicing with so maybe the pictures will be better.  I'm going to try and add them myself.  That will be a first.  Beau usually handles the technical stuff around here but I just learned to upload my own pictures to the computer so things are looking up for me.  I know that's crazy but I really did just learn. 

Let's see...we had a good Christmas.  Lots of traveling and Gaines was not super awesome but still a good Christmas.  We left Wednesday after work and headed to Birmingham for 2 non-stop days.  Back home on Christmas Eve.  Santa excitement and a delicious breakfast Christmas morning before we headed to Andalusia for about 2 days.  We planned to stay until Monday morning but we decided Sunday evening that we needed to get Gaines back to reality ASAP.  Thank the Lord, he is back to normal now...a little better than normal actually.  He had 4 teeth coming in and they must have all broken through now because we've gone from non-stop whining and crying to a pleasant and lovable child again. 

See below for proof.  This was Gaines checking out what Santa brought him.  The second one cracks me up.

Beau's parents got Gaines a Cozy Coupe for Christmas and Gaines was a big fan.  This is him trying to get in as it was being put together.  This was actually a couple of days before Christmas.

And this is him fighting with Reed during Reed's turn.  He was not really excited about sharing.  As you can see, he's little, but he holds his own.

All in all we had a great Christmas.  We got to see lots of family that were way too generous. 

Let's see...what else.  I went to the mall today.  I don't really get to our mall a lot but it's always interesting to people watch.  There are all kinds of folks in this world.  Sometimes I just don't know...

Oh, check out these pictures I took tonight.  Gaines actually has a little belly.  He never has a belly.  He's the only child I know with a six-pack so I was awfully proud of it.  We had pizza and he ate a good little dinner tonight.  I'm glad he's eating again because he barely ate anything last week with those teeth hurting him.

These are a few others from tonight.  I mean I've just gone picture crazy in this post!

He was going sans oxygen for the bath.  I am so ready to see that cannula free face all the time.  This picture reminds me, does everyone else have to tell their children to not drink the bath water 400 times a night?  Both of mine do it and it grosses me out!  Tonight Reed said, "But I'm thirsty".  Oh...well in that case...drink up. 

Ignore his pizza face.  He got a bath right after I took that.  Yesterday he sat all those tools in the kitchen and told me not to touch them because they were "bery danger-ous".  Also, I'm aware that he needs a haircut.  It's on the list.  Speaking of haircuts...I tried to fix a bad haircut Gaines got a few weeks ago and look what happened. 

I have no idea how I managed that but I have been banned from using scissors on or near the children or dog.

One last picture and a shout out to my mom.  (Beau makes fun of me when I say shout out but whatev).  Check out these stockings she cross-stitched for the boys.  She hopes I know that she "ruined her arm" doing it...but I so appreciate them.

Oh, and one real last thing.  Gaines has an appointment with his pulmonologist on Monday.  Prayers that he'll stay healthy, will fatten up and will get a good report would be much appreciated.  

Peace out and Happy New Year!



Anonymous said...

I hope all is well in the Daniel household. Prayers from texas


. said...

Love all the pics!! The one og Gaines in the tub is adorable! Those Christmas stocking are beautiful also!

Angie said...

Loved seeing the pics of the boys!

April said...

I'm still checking in on your little miracle boy. Keep writing! ;-)

Millicent said...

yep, mine drink the bath water. Well, the little one does. The big kids eventually stopped!
I haven't stopped by for a while and I'm so glad to see everyone doing well!
LOVE those stockings!