Monday, December 13, 2010

A Real Post

So its been awhile...I'm sorry!  We had Beau's side of the family here for Thanksgiving and then Christmas decorating, I had an out of town work event and then the computer got a my grandmother would say, its been first one thing and two.   

My boys have been good.  They drive me crazy and make my heart happy all in the same minute.  Gaines is still taking steps here and there but still no "real" walking.  I can see him getting stronger everyday and have a peace that the walking will come.  We haven't pushed the oxygen weaning lately since its winter and right now he's got a cold but I'm ok with it.  We'll have oxygen all winter so I don't see much of a reason to push it.  He unplugs himself on a regular basis and we just let him go for a while.  Knowing that he's ok for an hour or two makes life a little easier.  That and the fact that Reed knows how to untangle and reconnect Gaines again. 

Lately he gets into any cabinet that will open and feels the need to slam every door that he encounters.  He's pretty ok with the Christmas trees but I bet I've picked up all the rolls of paper towels 4000 times since Saturday morning.  Oh, he is saying "thank you" now so that's kind of nice. 

The appetite stimulant is not quite the answer to the eating problem that we'd hoped but I do think its helping.  That and a new attitude that I've taken of of not forcing him.  I would literally have to overpower him to get him to drink his cup every night and it turned into a battle of wills that would cause me to be angry with him every night.  I'm more relaxed about the eating these days and life is so much better.  He's not exactly burning up the weight charts but he wasn't before either so I don't feel like it hurts.  I'm hoping it will lead to him eating more food and depend less on the calorie loaded bottles. 

OH...I can't remember if I've mentioned this or not but Gaines is sleeping in his own room now and it makes all the difference in the world.  Our whole house is sleeping better. 

Reed's been pretty great lately too.  He's getting so excited for Christmas.  I bought the Polar Express movie for him right after Thanksgiving and I don't think he blinked the first time he watched it.  After it was over he said, "Mama, Santa will be here any minute".  I laughed and had to explain that it would be a few weeks.  I can't wait to see him this Christmas morning. 

I've been trying to explain to him all along that Christmas is really Jesus' birthday but its tough to get him to understand with Santa and snowmen everywhere.  Anyone with ideas on this...please pipe up. 

Speaking of Santa, a few days ago we were sitting at the dinner table and Reed was talking to Beau and said, "When I get-fat like Mama..."  I think Beau about choked on his drink he was laughing so hard.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor I said, "Reed!  Mama is not fat!"  He said, "Yes you are-fat like Santa".  Completely serious.  I couldn't believe it.  Beau loved it. 

Also, we were in Home Depot over the weekend and some lady had her little Yorkie with her.  Reed saw it and said, "Look mama, a kitty!". 

Ok...I better run for now.  There is a piece (or eight) of fudge in the kitchen calling my name.  It's been freezing down here so I might have to have a cup of hot chocolate too.  Oh, here's a tip for you...McDonald's has great hot chocolate.  Just wanted you to know.  Peace out. 

Oh and there are a couple of new pictures below.

Love to all,



Mom to 2 boys +? said...

We use The Advent Jesse Tree devotion book. It's a different devotion/bible story every night and then you hang a related ornament on the tree. My boys love it but we're taking a break from it because our baby is about Gaines' age and I don't want our ornaments destroyed- or eaten :)
Check it out, if you want to try it, I'd advise getting it now then you can find all the ornaments you need on clearance! Oh and it's written by Dean Lambert. This year, we are using a advent calendar by Bittersweet Gallery/ Jack E Dawson and he posts them on facebook too! Wow that ended up being really long! Sorry :)

angie b said...

Great to hear from you and yours again. Hope to see the boys soon. They are good looking kids! angie sasser

Abby said...

They are so cute. I am so glad that Gaines is doing so well. What a blessing! Hopefully we will make it to Montgomery to visit before too long! Merry Christmas!!