Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Computer had a virus

Below is what Brittany intended to post just before Thanksgiving.  Then our computer got a virus.  Anyway, the post is below and we will update on Gaines in the next couple of days.

I’ve been thinking that I should do a things I’m thankful for post and last night I guess I dreamed about it or something but I did not sleep well and woke up with it on my mind several times so in an effort to get a better night’s sleep tonight, here goes…in no particular order.

I am thankful:

-for a God who loves me no matter how awful I am and who listens to and answers my prayers. Not always exactly in the manner or timeframe that I want them answered, but answered nonetheless.

-for people who I know and do not know that pray for my family. Those prayers have sustained us for the last 20 months or so and I fully believe are the reason that Gaines is doing so well.

-that Gaines was off oxygen for 2 hours the last couple of days. 2 down, 22 to go.

-that my concerns about Gaines are so drastically different now than they were this time last year. Last year I was so worried that he’d never hold his head up and now…his future looks SO much brighter. He’s almost walking, he says new words everyday, the oxygen weaning is going well, he is on track cognitively…God is so good. I mean, this is a child that almost didn’t make it and he is doing SO well. I’d love to snap my fingers and “fix” him totally but watching this unfold makes me really appreciate the miracle.

-for Reed and the way he keeps me laughing. For the times that he wakes up hungry at 3 am because he didn’t eat his dinner and upon being sent back to bed says, “Will you sleep with me, mama?” For waking me up to fix his breakfast by playing his guitar in the dining room. For being so easy. For just being a precious, precious child 98% of the time.

-for Gaines and his sweet hugs…and the progress he is making on listening and minding.

-for a husband who loves me and puts up with most of my craziness, who doesn’t mind emptying the dishwasher (which I despise), and who is such a great dad to my boys.

-for my little family and my extended family. I grew up surrounded by my extended family and really took it for granted. The older I get the more I realize how much work it takes to stay a family and I’m thankful that all the facets of mine really put forth the effort to make that happen.

-for good parents.

-for my sister.

-for in-laws that I love and enjoy. Not everyone has that. Now, I’m not saying they don’t drive me crazy from time to time but so does the family I was raised with so I consider myself lucky.

-for my house. It will forever be a work in progress (and has been on hiatus since Gaines) but it keeps my little family safe and warm and dry. In a time of foreclosures on every street I feel blessed to have a little piece of this earth to create a home.

-for Jack. He’s pushing his luck these days but he makes me happy and he loves my boys…most of the time.

-for diet wild cherry pepsi. Now, the last time I mentioned this tasty treat on here, my grocery store ran out of it. I don’t think enough people still read this blog to make a dent in the diet wild cherry supply in town but it was certainly annoying. Please leave me a 12 pack next time!

-for pewter fingernail polish because it keeps me cool.

-for my job that I really, really enjoy. It is so nice to enjoy what you do and to work for a great company.

-for Reed’s school and Ms. Kristin. Knowing that your children are safe and taken care of by people that love them is such a blessing.

-for friends…old ones that get me and new ones that are still figuring me out.

-for our pediatrician and our pastor. Two of the only people whose advice I would never question…and that is really saying something.

-for Target and Publix. I just love them. They make shopping such a pleasant experience.

-for my Saturday Publix runs with Reed. It slows me down a bit but I love him helping with my list and his “signing” the items in and out of the cart.

-for having the job of taking Reed to and from school every day. We have the most interesting conversations on those rides.

-for having the job of putting Gaines to bed. It’s the sweetest part of the day with him.

-for Gaines SLEEPING IN HIS OWN ROOM!!! It’s been a week now and our whole house sleeps so much better.

-for the buffalo chicken dip that we eat every Saturday in the fall.

-for rosemary mint shampoo.

-for my new hair straightener.

-for cheese puffs, chocolate pop-tarts, oatmeal cream pies and all the other junk we use to fatten Gaines up.

-for fall.

-for good sunglasses.

-for my favorite gap jeans.

-for the silver necklace that I found at the Ann Taylor outlet and wear every other day.

-for the opportunity to set a pretty table (although I was told by my husband “You are setting a table for 8 people to eat dinner at Brittany , not for a magazine cover”) and decorate for the holidays.

-for the rare occasions that I get to ride in the car by myself with the windows down and the music up.

-for windows that open (they didn’t always).

-for lights on dimmers that help hide the dust.

-for couch cushions that can go in the washing machine.

-for break and bake cookies.

I’m sure there is more but that should be good enough to help me sleep.

Peace, love and happy thanksgiving,



angie b said...

You're a cutie pie miss brit! Love your posts!

The Owens said...

Hey Brittany,
I have been keeping up with your blog and praying for you guys since you were in the hospital. I just wanted to say that this post is awesome and reminds me of how blessed I am. Thanks for sharing!
-Courtney Wilson Owens