Monday, April 20, 2009

So close to 29 weeks...

It's Monday again. We actually like Monday's because we are kind of back to normal. There is better tv on during the day and it just seems more normal. We were able to watch the University of Alabama A-day game on ESPN on Saturday so that was kind of nice. Although a scrimmage isn't quite as exciting as a real game. Beau found out that 45,000 people attended Auburn's A-day game and was kind of impressed at the turnout. I told him it's because Auburn fans wanted to go to a game that Auburn actually won. Kidding...Auburn fans please keep praying for us. :)

I do have a specific prayer request. I'm not supposed to be worried about this (per my nurse and Beau) and I'm not too worried about it but adding it to my laundry list of requests can't hurt. My white blood cell count came back today at 10.78. The normal range is 4-10.8. So...I'm just on the cusp of normal...white blood cell wise. My other readings have all been around 9-10ish but this is the highest one yet. According to my nurse they fluctuate and this number isn't concerning because it was such a slight change from my 9.9 last week. She says they would be looking for more of a drastic change like 14 or 15. I just wanted to ask that you pray that this isn't the start of an infection. I've asked them to check me again on Thursday so we'll see. Thankfully, I don't have any other signs of infection at the moment. Please pray that this continues.

A few people have asked about Reed and Jack so I'll update on them. Reed is with my parents right now and will be flying back up on Friday to see us again. Please pray for their safe travels. Most of my family lives in the same town so he is also getting to spend a lot of time with my grandparents and aunts and uncles. Today he is with my aunt and grandmama and they say that he's doing great. My grandmama was just telling me that he helped her plant flowers last week. She also taught him last week to ride a broom like a horse. We'll have to get him one of those horse heads on a stick...let me know if any of you know where to find one.

My mom told me that yesterday they had their Roomba (vacuum cleaner that just roams around) going and that it trapped Reed in a corner and that he about jumped out of his skin. Poor boy. I hate it for him but I bet it was hilarious.

Every time he is here Beau and I notice all his new words and tricks. He repeats almost anything now and he just does so much funny stuff. We can't wait to see him again. We are SO blessed to have families that we can trust to take care of him and to bring him up here so often. Not having to worry about him makes this so much easier.

My parents have also taken in our first child, Jack. I think Jack is having a harder time adjusting than Reed is. God has given us such a peace about being away from Reed but I still worry about Jack. I know...he's a dog...but he's my dog that I've loved for almost five years now and it's hard to be away from him too. I guess I feel like Reed is so young that he doesn't even really miss us but I know that Jack does. He's very sensitive. That sounds crazy but he really is. Any non-dog lover can just roll their eyes...I don't care.

I guess that's about it for now. Gaines' heart rate looked good this morning and everything continues to go well. Please pray that it continues and pray for Gaines to keep developing into a healthy baby. Thank you all for your continued prayers.



joelin2172 said...

I'm glad your still hanging. just for the record i'll third the "don't worry about the WBC count"...i'm a nurse that stares at them daily and you'll know if you should be worried. Anyways that's wasn't my point in all of this. I wanted to tell you how not crazy you are for worrying about Jack. I'm going out of town for a month soon and have 3 dogs and am really getting stressed out b/c I can't explain to them that I will be back and i'm not abandoning them. So yea that's totally normal. I thought I was a little koo koo until you mentioned it. I feel better now..thanks...
Have a good day.

The Ellis Family said...

Still praying each day!! You guys hang in there. We are looking forward to seeing Reed in Birmingham late next week (I think!)

Love you guys, Kelly

King J's Queen said...

Hi! I'm sure Reed misses you both lots and lots. He's able to cope well because he gets to come see you, and he has constant reminders that you are only gone for a little while. I bet he gets to *talk* to you on the phone, too. I'm glad you will get to see him again this Friday.

I'm sure Jack is having a hard time right now. He doesn't know that he will see you again in a few-ish weeks. I'm sure he is searching for you, and he's also probably looking for his familiar home. Of course, when you do get back home, he probably will not speak to you for a little while. LOL! Poor thing is surely people-sick. Have you tried talking to him on the phone?

Take care. We're still praying!

Bill said...

Brittany and Beau,

I just got back from lunch at home. Reed and Sherry are having a great time. Reed actually has a dog (Frosty) there that isn't mean like Bell. He was running all around the house and sitting in my chair. He didn't want anyone else to sit there. So cute.

We are glad to be able to help and consider it a honor to keep Reed.

Gotta work now.

Uncle Bill

Collier Chronicles said...

I am so thankful that one of your main concerns is your dog. Trust me when I say I understand this all too well.
My dog has severe jealousy issues with our son. After 11 months, he is starting to come around. :)

I can not wait for that 30 week mark! You and Gaines hang in there.

Hewett Happenings said...

Brittany, still praying for you in Oklahoma. Can't remember if I have posted this or not. My oldest daughter was born almost 23 years ago, and she was 9.5 weeks premature. We were very fortunate that the only issues she had was a collapsed lung. If they had used surfactant at that time, I'm sure we would have even avoided that. PTL for the advancement in medical technology. Today, she is a beautiful, young woman. She married the man of her dreams in December. The only visible signs of her ordeal, is the scar from the chest tube, and some IV scars on her hand.

I hope that puts your mind to rest a little. Still praying that Gaines stays nice and cozy right where he is for a few more weeks. Put your focus on continuing to beat Beau at UNO and "cooking" that precious little boy for a while longer!

Oh, and the being worried about Jack, perfectly normal for a caring person. Animals do have feelings too!

Gretta said...

We are still praying for you everyday! Don't stress about the count. Focus on the blessings! I found Reed a stick horse at ToysRUs if you really want one! They are only $9.99 AND they make noise! This would be a great present to send home with the grandparents after all the noise making toys they've probably sent home with you! (haha) Here is the link:

Hang in there! Love & Prayers

Dawn Thompson said...

My sister's son Ander thinks that Andalusia is the greatest place in the world because he has grandparents, aunts/uncles, and four boy cousins. He'd rather come to Andalusia than go to Disney World. I know Reid is having a great time.
Nicole told me that she saw you. They had a fantastic time in D.C. last week. We share news about you at lunch on a regular basis (Nicole, Maria, Cavelle, Debbie and me). We're glad you are still doing so well.
Hang in there!!

Nancy Williams said...

Hey Brittany & Beau,
Greetings from Andalusia! I thank the Lord every day you and Gaines are together! We spent the extended weekend in Seagrove and ran into Aunt Beth and Uncle Buddy on the beach. We had no internet there and I was dying for some news from DC. Of course, Meredith was with Kathryn, as Kat had spent the first of the week with her in Destin. But the point of this post is that we (I) had to board Kat's (my) two Yorkies for the weekend and it was so hard. They were so excited when we came home. I totally understand about Jack. You are his "person".
Hang in there girl, you are doing great!
Much Love, Nancy Williams

carrie said...

Brittany, I TOTALLY understand what you're saying about Jack! I would feel exactly the same way. You know Reed is having lots of fun and being spoiled, but no one can love your dog the way you do! Hugs to you!!!!!

Jenn said...

Hello again,
I hope you received my previous comment (28 weeks 5 days) otherwise this one might not make much sence.
While I was on bed rest with Faith (twin B) after already delivery Grace, my WBC went way up. And along with it came an infection. I was put on meds to keep the infection "at bay" for a bit.
So, although Im sure you numbers will stay down and you will not catch an infection.
IF you do, they can nip it real quick.
We are still praying for no infection, and many more weeks before birth.
Hang in there.
Jen in WA

dchumley said...

We're so thrilled that you have made it almost 29 weeks! Keep the faith, and we just know you can make it to 30 plus weeks!! PLEASE let me take care of the "stick horse" for Reed!! He will love it as Santa brought one to Chase for Christmas and I could not believe it when he knew what to do with it immediately!!! Chase would love to send Reed this gift. In the meantime, you guys remember that we are praying without ceasing for each of you.

Penni said...

Praying that the WBC means nothing! Hugs from home!

Amy said...

Praying the WBC is just a fluctuation and nothing more!
Too bad Jack can't come see you too!! :)

Grammy Jane said...

Continuing to pray for you in Texas. I TOTALLY understand your devotion to Jack. We are senior citizens and have been traveling for the past ten years. We now have two Bichons and they have replaced our children. When we travel the 5 yr.old suffers from separation anxiety and refuses to eat. It was really bad last time. The almost one yr. old refused to poop. We called every day from Rome to check on them. We'll not be traveling any more. It just tore us up. You're not the only one who love your dog. There are lots of us. Keep resting and know that your little one will be here before long and you won't get any rest!!

Kathy said...


I am in Birmingham and if there is anything at all I could do for you here, please let me know! Praying for you,

Sarah said...

I don't know where to find a stick horse nearby for Reed, but if I make it to Target this week I'll take a look there for you. :)

If Beau is looking for something close by and fun to do with Reed this weekend, there's a "spring celebration" at Rose Park on Saturday (very close to the hospital, you might have even taken him there before -- entrance to the park at 27th and M St). It's from 10:30-12:30 and will have stuff like a petting zoo, pony rides, moon bounce, etc.


And 29 weeks now??? Praise the Lord!