Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can't Believe It...

I cannot believe that we've been here two weeks now. When I was first admitted I couldn't see this far down the road. I am so thankful to be at this point. We've been here 14 days and in 13 days we'll be at the 28 week mark. We are over halfway to that goal that seemed impossible a few weeks ago. We still need prayers to get there but I know that God can do it for us. I just pray that's His will. It still seems like forever until we get there, but one day at a time, we'll make it...I pray.

Gaines' heart rate still continues to look good and my temperature continues to stay down. Praise the Lord. I still don't have any signs of labor either. Please continue to pray against infection and that I will know when something is going on with my body. I am still so afraid that I'll miss something I should be telling the doctors about. They keep telling me I won't miss it. I guess I'll take their word for it.

This morning one of my residents said, "You're really trying to make it a long time aren't you". I looked at her like I cannot believe you seriously just asked me that. OF COURSE I'm trying to make it a long time. It was just one of those instances I was telling you about that keeps us under the impression that they didn't really expect me to make it past day 10.

My attending physician (real doctor in charge of me) came in again this morning. Until our little talk a few nights ago, we'd only seen her twice. Ever since, she comes around every day it seems like. I think we've grown on her. I'm really comforted knowing that she's overseeing things. We like having so many residents checking on me. You know there are just that many more eyes watching you and offering different perspectives, but it can be disconcerting every time a new face walks in. Having this attending soothes those nerves.

Oh, I had to lay in Beau's "bed" this morning while they put new sheets on my bed. Do not feel sorry for him. That thing was comfortable. For real.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm going to try and post some pictures of Reed that my mom sent us this morning from his visit in Andalusia. Bear with me, I'm new to this. Reed comes in two days! Please pray for his safe travels. We just "talked" to him on the phone...I love that little boy.


The Ellis Family said...

Uploading some more pictures tonight and sending them your way. I have successfully put Reed and Kat down for a nap at the same time!! I am so excited - I even did a little dance about it!! (Kinda like, "It's your birthday!)

Reed and Kat are playing so well together and they give each other hugs so frequently. Reed even ran to Miss Cheryl today to hug her when she left and he blew her a kiss on her way out the door. He is such a snuggly little guy - but also a little wilder than my Kat! Boys are so much fun though!

Love you guys! Kelly

(Oh - I can attest to the "comfy" bed thing. Once they brought me the egg crate at Children's, I actually slept really well on my fold out chair-bed.)

Alicia said...

I am praying that you make it past 28wks and that you will know if something is up. Praise God that you have lasted this long and I know you will make it to your goal. Thanks for all the updates! Hope you have a great night!

Katie said...

YAY! for each and every milestone. YAY! for no infection.

Still praying in Texas.


Beth said...

Hello from Andy!
Glad everything is still go GREAT! Keep up the good attitude (I know how hard that is for Brittany) and each day will fly by, I hope. Everything is fine down here...getting ready for Spring Break. Keep praying. Almost finished with the stitching....waiting (I hope for a long time) for the date!
Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you. I know this is hard, I've sorta been there... I was on complete bed rest (at home) for 5 weeks. I pray that you don't get too homesick for your little guy and that time goes fast. Praying for you!

Jennifer said...

I love the pictures! Reed is so cute.

And congrats again on making it so long.

What are you doing in the hospital to keep busy?

Kate said...

"Trying to make it a long time?" It's almost laughable. Apparently this resident does not have much experience in obstetrics!

Congrats on making it two weeks! We will continue praying for many more!

Stephanie said...

Your Reed is absolutely the pics! Continuing to pray for you guys and for Reed's safe travels!

Tonia said...

Wow 2 weeks already!! Praise God!! I love how he loves us.

Fun pictures of the little guy. Just 2 more days (or technically is it 1) till Friday and you get to see him!!! YAY.

Take care,

Brittany h said...

Hey Brittany and beau! That's weird saying that because my name is Brittany and my fiancé's name is Beau. We live in Alabama and Sunday at church my Sunday school teacher stopped me after class and told me about this blog that she has been reading and that their names were Brittany and beau. Well that sparked my interest right then. Then she shared briefly about what has been going on in your life. Well I got on my computer right when she sent me the link and strted reading! God has blessed y'all so much on this rough road. I know I was sent I read this blog, not only to find name twins (haha) but to pray for u and your family. U are all continually in our prayers.

King J's Queen said...

Good Morning! We're still praying.

Although I try to avoid comparisons, I hope you will find it uplifting that one of my relatives had her water break at 26 weeks, and she carried the (healthy) baby past the 33 week mark. She had a toddler at home at the time, too.

I know you are super-excited to see Reed this weekend!

Christie said...

Reed is so darn cute. My boys are 16 and 11 now. I sure miss those cute and cuddly times. When my oldest was Reeds age he had went in his room and walked back and forth to the front door with all sorts of different toys. He stacked them in front of the door. He was so darn proud of himself as he looked at the wall of toys he had built. When his Dad came home he had to come in through the garage.I can't remember how he got it so high. It was probably about 4 feet high. I am sure it is hard to be away from him. Remember God is totally in control of the situation. Praying for no infection or labor for at least 2 more weeks.With lots of love and prayers from a bloggy friend in Texas.

Kelly said...

Reed is absolutely adorable! I know you can't wait to have him with you! Glad you're doing ok and all is well with the baby! I've been praying for you. God answers prayer!!

Take care,