Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 25 is almost over

What an eventful day...Reed was in town, Brittany had a second gestational diabetes test, Gaines had two heart rate monitorings and confirmed Brittany is scheduled for a sonogram tomorrow.

Gaines' heart rate monitoring this morning and tonight went fine...what a relief. Brittany's temperature is still stable and there are no signs of infection.

Brittany's second gestational diabetes test was this morning. She did not pass. She will have another more accurate test tomorrow morning. If she fails the test tomorrow morning the doctors will regulate her diet. We have been told that this will in no way affect Gaines, however; it will make life a little less pleasant for Brittany.

Brittany has a sonogram tomorrow morning. Hopefully, Gaines has put on a little weight and is developing well (when Brittany was admitted 25 days ago Gaines was estimated at 1 lb 3 oz).

On a side note, someone from Brittany's hometown of Andalusia, AL visited us today. She is on vacation visiting DC with her family. They were walking through downtown looking for a Metro stop and came across GW Hospital. They had been reading the blog and recognized the hospital name. They decided to stop in and say hello. Now they can go back to Andalusia and say they saw all of the monuments, museums, and Brittany & Beau. Their trip is complete.



Catie Murphy said...

Happy Easter! We are thinking and praying for you all. Much love!

The Ellis Family said...

I get that a lot you know, "pardon me, but are you Beau's sister?" For years I've been hearing that - and to think that I was the first born! Glad to hear that things are going well for Brit, Gaines, Reed and you. I know you guys will have so much fun tomorrow for the Egg Roll. Take lots of pictures!

Love, Kelly

Lori said...

I'm prayng all your events for today will go easy and give you good news.

King J's Queen said...

Good Morning! Congrats on making it another day! Try not to worry too much about the gestational diabetes testing. Even if it turns out you have it, the sacrifices you will need to make for the duration of your pregnancy are insignificant compared to the ones you are already making. Three doughnuts may not be an option; but there are still plenty of foods to enjoy! Can you tell I'm diabetic? It is SO worth it when baby arrives. Take care and keep on hanging in there!

Annie said...

I saw the Egg Roll on the Today show this morning! I hope Reed enjoys it and everything goes good for you today! We're praying for ya'll!! Annie and Matt

LSmith2 said...

I pray you have an uneventful and restful day today!

Can't wait to hear about the Egg Roll!

Love and Prayers,

Rebekah Lollar said...

I can't wait to see pictures from the egg roll!!! We're still praying for long boring days in the hospital :)!
Love, Rebekah

Diana said...

We are rejoicing with you that you have made it to 28 weeks and praying for 30 and more!