Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 15...Reed comes Tomorrow!

Brittany and Gaines are both doing fine this morning. The nurses haven't measured Gaines' heart rate this morning but Britt's temperature was perfect.

Last night, Gaines was moving around a lot (atleast thats what we think) so the heart rate monitoring was longer than normal. Basically, they could not get a good, consistent reading so they kept Brittany "hooked up" for about an hour. The nurses finally unhooked her and said the reading was fine. Other than that, yesterday was pretty dull...thankfully.

We'll post later.



Alicia said...

Yay day 15! Priase God!I am praying for a safe trip for Reed and the family!!

my3sons said...

Amen for a boring day! Enjoy your time with Reed!! Hope the boring days continue for a few more weeks! Katie

Collier Chronicles said...

I love long boring days, don't you!

I know you can not wait to see Reed. You will have to post some pics of the wonderful visit.

Agnes said...

I've been checking in to your blog every day and praying for you as well. May God keep you healthy and safe and keep Gaines inside until it is "safe" for him to come into this world.

Agnes in Philadelphia

Thomas and Jamie said...


amy said...

who knew boring days could be such a blessing?!?! Hope time with your little man refreshes your spirit! :)

Collier Chronicles said...

Oh my gosh, I just saw where you are 6 away from 30,000! AMAZING!

I spoke with Kim in Montgomery- I am so thankful Footprints is able to do this for your sweet family!

Now, a little birdy tells me you like Starbucks there in the hospital? Hmmm... what else do you guys need that you can not get up north? Do I need to send some sweet tea? Moon pies? more oatmeal pies?

Miss B said...

One of my closest friends water broke at 24 1/7, she was flown the the Level 3 hospital where I work as a LD nurse, we kept her pregnant for 4 weeks, and at the 28 1/7 mark her sweet Giovanna decided to be born, she weighed a hearty 3lbs 4oz, and went home after 9 weeks in the NICU. Miracles surround us through the grace of God. I will pray for you to remain healthy and pregnant each day.

Remaining on bedrest is so very tough, but know that you are doing the best possible medical intervention for your sweet baby, your providing care that none of us in the medical profession can offer to that sweet baby..