Sunday, April 19, 2009

28 weeks 5 days

Brittany and I actually got to sleep a little late this morning. We are continuing our game of Uno while we wait for her breakfast. We have played two hands already and I won both...although I only gained a total of 22 points.

Brittany is feeling fine and Gaines will be monitored later this morning. We have been here for 32 days, please continue to pray for more.



Penni said...

We're recovering from a week at Disney with the Wallace boys. SO glad to see that you guys are still here! I know the days are getting long, but keep hanging in there. You are still being prayed for every single day. Sorry about the Ensure. That's murderous. Hugs from home, Jxn, Penni, & the boys

Thomas and Jamie said...

Congratulations Beau (chuckle chuckle!) Glad that the Lord is giving you both this time to enjoy and I pray that He will bring you closer and closer as you wait for Gaines' arrival! (For a LONG time hopefully!!)

Amanda said...

Yay for 32 days!!! Have you ever played Phase 10? It's similar to Uno, but with more strategy twists. That might be a fun way to pass the time as well. You might see if Barnes and Noble (there's one a nice walk away in Georgetown on M Street) or Borders has the game in stock. It's been awhile since I've been to Georgetown, but there used to be a Ben and Jerry's just a few blocks from Barnes and Noble I know Brittany has a sweet tooth like me :) Even after Gaines is born and you guys need to get away from the hospital and stretch your legs, that area of M street is a nice wander.

Jennifer said...

Just checking in glad to hear a good report (no new news medically!) Praying for every new day...every 24 hours is a big deal for Gaines!! Will be out of town this week - but will pray for you and hope to find you are still "holding steady" next Sunday!

God bless (with an uneventful week!) :)

Anonymous said...

Still praying.

Jenn said...

Good Afternoon,
My name is Jen and I have two little girls, twins actually, Grace & Faith who were born two days apart. Grace was born at 23 5/7, and two days later Faith was born at 24 weeks even.
We spent a total of 158 days at Childrens Hospital NICU before we were able to take them home.
I recently was directed to your blog by another fellow blogger friend.
Grace & Faith, although born way, way to soon, are beautiful, spunky and most importantly healthy little tots.
They are now 20 months old (two in August) and have very, very little complications from being micro-preemie twins.
I have been praying for peace, and definately comfort while your family travels this very emotional and unknown road.
I just wanted you to hear about good stories, and good outcomes too. I remember when we were in the hospital (I went into labor at 22 3/7 weeks and was on bedrest for 9 days) we only heard the "what-if's" and the horrible outcomes.
But there are many good ones.
Stay stong.