Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Thoughts Part II

Let's see, where to start? First of all my nutritionist just came in. I was weighed again today and re-gained the 5 pounds I had lost. It makes me wonder if I ever lost them in the first place. Who knows? Fun fact, my nutritionist just happens to be from we like her. We'd like her anyway but we like anyone from the south around here and we really like anyone from Alabama. Also she went to UA like me and she wears cute shoes so she's got to be good. She wants me to start getting more calcium. I guess the cheese on my daily sandwich isn't cutting it. Anyway, she said ice cream counts so maybe I'll start getting that sometimes. Plus she's having the kitchen send up an Ensure with my breakfast everyday. I hope they are good. I guess that's really about it on the nutrition front.

Yesterday one of our chattier nurses came in and talked to us for awhile. She is the second nurse to tell me that we were in the "lucky room". She says that everyone who goes a long time here is always in this room. Right now I'm in a post-partum room and I have three other people around me with broken water just trying to hang on. My nurse says that she always gets the best feeling in this room. I don't know what's going on in the other rooms but I know how many prayers are being sent up from and through this room so I choose to believe that's what it is. She also said that when she first met me she had to bite her tongue from saying that she thought I was going to make it a long time. She said that she had a feeling that I could make it to the 30s. I so hope she's right. She mentioned that anytime I hit a milestone like yesterday that in their morning meeting they all kind of cheered. Just makes me feel good to know that they care. I guess it could be because they eat better when we are here. We share snacks with them. I know who I want to keep on my side.

Medically, I'm still holding out. Gaines' heart rate was great this morning and I still have no signs of infection. I feel like I'm probably boring everyone out there reading this because I don't have more exciting news to report but I am so thankful for that.

Oh, I almost forgot. Reed is coming back up this weekend because we got tickets for him to go to the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn. I HATE that I won't be able to go with him but I'm glad that he'll get to go. I know that he's not old enough to really get it but he'll probably never have this opportunity again. We are very lucky to have the tickets. As anyone who has ever had an 18 month old understands, he can't spend long stretches of time in this little room so we have to plan activities for him. He's good for a little while but then he has to walk around and the hospital hallways only entertain him for so long.

I'm glad that he's getting to do so much fun stuff like the zoo, building museum, circus and egg roll but it is really hard for me to lay here while Beau takes him off to do the fun stuff. Last weekend when he was here he grabbed my finger and tried to pull me out of bed. It broke my heart. I just have to keep picturing being home one day with my two little boys, Jack and Beau. I know that what I'm doing is the best thing for my family but it's hard. I CANNOT wait for a long boring Saturday with them at home.

I'll go for now...I know I've "talked" your ear off. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.



Alicia said...

Still praying here in Birmingham!

That is awesome about the tickets for Reed! How cool is that?

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Cheering you on and still praying...

Shreveport, LA

Amanda said...

Praise God for posts that are "boring" on the medical front :) that's great that you can share snacks with the nurses. Always good to take care of the people taking care of you. My hubby and I used to bring treats into the NICU staff often. It seemed like such a small token of thanks and appreciation for all they did to keep our little girl alive and healthy. Awesome about the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn!! Our 19 month old did two Egg Hunts in the past week and yeah, she wouldn't touch the grass, but liked shaking the eggs to hear them rattle. I thought about you this weekend and how hard it must be to have Reed out having so much fun in the city without you this weekend while you had to stay in bed. I can't imagine how hard entertaining a toddler in your room must be and those are your precious few momments with him right now. You are right, it will be SO worth it when you are home with both your boys running around wearing you out!

Glad you got the muffins and pretzels. Sorry, I probably should have mailed them directly to you so they would be a little more fresh (as fresh as treats mailed across the country can be-lol) The gift card though was from Anna W., Sarah's roomate who walked the treats over.

now I've "talked" your ear off. :)

Still praying!!!

Katie said...

Girl, I am so happy to hear your 'boring' hospital news! Keep Gaines where he's at and bored is ok. You will have plenty to take care of when you have a newborn on your hands.

Still praying in Texas.


Lori said...

who is watching Jack? And I love to read about your boring days. Boring is healthy. Boring is a good thing. Cheers to another boring day. YIPPIE

Heather said...

I found your blog through someone else. Four years ago, we were at the hospital over Easter waiting like you. With a 11 month old at home! Grandparents are a blessing. We are praying for all of you. Our Erica had me on bed rest from Dec.-April to be born at 36 weeks shocking the hospital. We are praying for a long wait for you as well. God never stops amazing us!

Anonymous said...


Glad to hear that you can see your little guy again soon. I bet he will an awesome time, and I bet you'll have some great pictures look at. It will all be worth it in the long run. I think back to the time I spent on bedrest (5 weeks at home)... It's amazing how the days just turn into weeks and then the end is in sight. You've done GREAT! Keep your spirits up! Kristin

Cary said...

Brittany I am still sending prayers up for both you and Gaines. And keep on having the boring days!! They are wonderful!
Hugs from Alabama!

Penni said...

Girl, I love reading about your boring days. Makes my day! Are you really going to drink Ensure? I thought that was only for OLD people! You cracked me up with the "cute shoes" comment. Have your bosses at ALFA ever told you that "perhaps you shouldn't wear such a sparkly top to work" like someone else we both know? Ha! Thought that'd be good for a laugh! Good night. Rest up. Your Reed is coming in a couple of days!!!

Hugs from Bama, Jackson, Penni, Thomas, & Alex

Heidi said...

I am so glad that there is no infection and that your little boys heart is strong. You are not giving boring news, it is happy news. Heidi, coral springs, fl

Kelly said...

I love reading your "boring" posts! :) So glad you and the baby are still doing so great! Praying for you everyday!

(from Alabama)

dylonhoustonlaetonreid said...

I had to laugh when I read about the "ensure" drink, they did the same thing to me, ask them to make it a shake instead, it will be alot better. I am so glad you had another uneventful day. Thank you for my comment earlier and of course we would be interested in the "yard sale" stuff. We will continue to pray for you guys!
Shelli Cotton Smith

Katie said...

Still praying here in VA. When Reed gets here, Beau might want to take him to the Air & Space Museum by the Dulles Airport. They have a space shuttle there and a ton of cool planes.

I'm glad that you and Gaines continue to do well.

Sara said...

What GREAT news that all is quiet! We pray for that to continue for many more weeks! Hang in ther, Brittany! I know it must be hard, but like you said, focus on what you're doing and the time ahead with your healthy family! It's all worth it!! So glad you get to see Reed again! This is a special time for him too! Please know we lift you up constantly in prayer, and think of you so much throughout our days. Thanks for the great updates!
Much love,
Sara Blakeney (Kelly's friend)

Anonymous said...

My love to you and Gaines, Beau as well. Thanks for the updates. We are praying for you and little Gaines. I have you on my SS prayer list as well. KEEP THE FAITH! You seem to be doing it really well. HE will never leave us nor forsake us.
Much love,
RE Acct

Kellie said...

Still praying for you here in Tuscaloosa! BTW, What is your dietitian's name? I am a dietitian too and went to UA. Keep sharing with us and you're doing GREAT - The BEST THING!!!!

Mab said...

Hey there again,

Love your long posts and they are never boring....
And about the calcium....don't those Krispy Kreme donuts have plenty of calcium....:) :) ???

Too cool about the egg roll at the White awesome!

Happy Easter to you all!


Hautemama said...

From a girl with hundreds of relatives in the Sylacauga/Talladega area - keep the "boring" posts coming. I'm praying for you and your family during this trying time.