Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 29 (28 weeks, 2 days)

Brittany is doing fine this morning...the nurses have not monitored Gaines' heart rate yet. Brittany and I met with the NICU the Doctors last night. Brittany posted a very detailed post last night regarding this meeting. Please read the post below (Busy Evening) if you would like to know what the NICU doctors had to say.



Stephanie T said...

Hey Beau and Brittany, Thanks for continuing to update all of us daily.

Happy belated Beau.. I'm so glad you had a great b'day! I meant to post it on your b'day and the day slipped away.

Have a good day. I'm praying it's a boring uneventful one!

Stephanie :)

King J's Queen said...

Yay for all the good news yesterday! We continue to be prayerfully hopeful for a few more weeks before Gaines makes his safe, healthy entrance into this world. (And I not-so-secretly hope Brittany is able to continue splurging on yummy treats every day. She deserves it!)

Jennifer Sellers said...

Hi Brittany,
Thank you for keepin us updated on your progress. We are all praying for you and Buea to have a safe delivery and safe trip home. Please let me know if you need anything. My email is
Jennifer Sellers