Tuesday, April 21, 2009

29 Weeks

Unbelievable...Britt is now 29 weeks along. She was admitted at 24 weeks 1 day. What an amazing God we have.

Gaines' heart rate monitoring was great last night. He continues to prove that he is a little fighter. Many times the nurses have a hard time keeping him on the monitor because he is so active and moving around so much. Brittany and I have been hoping that Reed was going to be our "busy" child. I am afraid that Gaines may take that title.

One of the doctors came in our room last night and reassured us regarding Britt's white blood cell count. The doctor explained that a pregnant woman's wbc count is high anyway. A normal blood cell count does top at 10.8 on the scale; however, the doctor told us that a pregnant woman's can be normal at 14 or even 18. He informed us that they are more closely monitoring any significant jump in Brit's white blood cell count and not necessarily looking at the number. This is good news. Even though Britt's last count was 10.78, her wbc has not fluctuated enough for the docotors to be concerned at all.

We are only seven days away from the next goal of 30 weeks.



Lori said...

You got that right, OUR God is very Amazing! He is also a terrific comforter that's why you two have put this in the Lords hands and are progressing along nice,smooth and steady.

Thompson family said...

I wish you could meet my nephew. He is 10 and was born at 30 weeks. I think he was in the hosptal for about 4 weeks. He is now an exceptional athlete...soccer, football, baseball, motorcycles, etc. He is exceptionally smart...reading, math...truly he amazes me and he is a real miracle. Just as your little Gaines will be. Praise God for getting you here!

The Ellis Family said...

Praise God from whom ALL Blessings Flow!!! 29 weeks is an amazing accomplishment! I am so proud of the tiny fighters in our family. You are correct, we serve an amazing God - THE great Physician and Healer! I hope that each day you feel the prayers and the love that surrounds you and WILL carry you through this time and all others. I think that you may find Gaines to be your "spirited" one! Kathryn certainly is!

We love you! Kelly

King J's Queen said...

Woohoo!! I thank the LORD for each day that passes with Gaines still safely growing inside his Mommy. Twenty-nine weeks is so wonderful! Keep hanging in there!!

Super B's Mom said...

Praise God for 29 weeks! That is wonderful!

Matthew said...

Beau and Brittany,
We have two very healthy twins, that are now 5, born at 29 weeks. God is Good!
Matthew Durdin

Kelly said...

That is so wonderful! 29 weeks!! One week closer to 30! Baby
Gaines, you stay right where you are buddy :)

It has been amazing to see God working through your family. The power of prayer is an incredible thing.

D. Steindorff said...

We are so proud of you all for hanging in there like real troopers (especially Gaines). Keep up the good work and we are all praying hard every day for you! Gil, Deb, Amy and Bert

Amanda said...

Yay!!! Way to go! Praying for another boring week of Uno in the hospital!!! glad you got more info on the blood count and have peace about that. great news!

MollieElizabeth said...

That is great news!!!! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!!! So what is our next goal, for your active little one??? :-)

Continuing to pray.

Darcy said...

29 weeks already! Flown by... for me anyways, I bet you beg to differ!

You're in our daily prayers.