Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 28 (28 weeks, 1 day)

Yesterday was a great day. We got the official report regarding the sonogram and as Brittany already mentioned, the doctors said it was "very encouraging". We also found out last night that Brittany passed her gestational diabetes test. I know she is happy, she can continue to eat all of the sweets that you guys have sent us. I don't know what she would do if she didn't have a dessert after lunch and dinner.

I think Brittany mentioned in her post that five of my close friends from home visited us yesterday for my Birthday. Four of them flew in from Birmingham, AL and one flew in from Dallas, TX. They all flew out last night. They were only here for about 5 hours. They took me to lunch to a place close to the hospital and then we came back to the room. Brittany had somehow managed to get cupcakes to our room without me knowing so we all had a cupcake. We then just sat around the room and caught up with each other. Brittany and I smiled and laughed more in the five hours those guys were here than we have in the last month. It was such a blessing that those guys would take a day out of their life and fly to DC to spend a couple of hours with us. They are amazing friends and I will never be able to fully explain the impact their short visit had on Brittany and me. For a short time we were able to forget why we were here and how long we had been here. I can't thank them enough.

I also can't thank my wife enough. Brittany is on "bed rest" (not bedridden) and was able to make my 30th Birthday so special. Much to my embarrassment, beginning at 6 AM and continuing through the day she told every nurse, med student, doctor, cleaning person, food delivery person and anyone else that ventured in to our room that it was my birthday. As the day progressed it seemed as though everyone in the hospital knew it was my birthday. Every time I passed someone in the hall I was told "Happy Birthday". She also somehow got cupcakes delivered to our room. She is amazing. She is an amazing wife and an amazing mother. Gaines has no idea how lucky he is that he will call Brittany his mom.

Thank you all for your prayers. The only reason we are able to keep our sanity through this journey is because God is present in our room. Hopefully we will have no news to report today.



Lori said...

Those are some amazing friends to fly all the way to you for just a few hours. I am postitive they boosted your excitement for the day. Brittany that was really neat that you arranged for cupcakes with out Beau knowing.

dhb6 said...

Brit,when I told Bob this morning how many people had checked your blog by 8:00 am, he said you needed to put in a plug for Brooks True Value Hardware in your next update. More people are checking on you, Beau and little Gaines than read the Star News all week!
Jim Locklier was in here when I first got on and we all send our love and prayers!! Denise

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you remember me, but I work at Alfa too. We met at the Federation Annual Meeting and Agent's Kickoff in Birmingham. I am so excited that you have made it to 28 weeks and I'm praying for 30 weeks for you and Gaines.

I'm going to be in Washington next week (on a field trip with thirty something 8th graders) and would love to come by and say hi. I promise I will not bring all the 8th graders with me.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to have brought from Montgomery (maybe one of your real glasses to drink out of) then let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Rhonda Sikes

Anonymous said...

AWE.....Beau I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday. You too are an amazing are also on "bed rest"! Brittany is an awesome woman....we miss her around here. Thoughts and prayers are with yall for a great uneventful day. God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Beau want a wonderful post! I hope everything continues to go well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Beau!! Glad you got to spend time with your friends. Praying in Florida =)

The Ellis Family said...

Happy Birthday dear brother!! I have some exciting news to tell you! Enjoy a nice quiet and restful day!


pculver said...

Beau and Brittany, I am so glad to know that things are going well. Prayers are definitely being answered. Beau, did you notice that I got the President to name his dog after you in honor of your 30th birthday?

On a more serious note, I love the verse in Zephaniah 3:5 that says, "Every new day, He will not fail." Much love and many prayers are going up for you every day. Paula

Super B's Mom said...

Just ran across your blog today and will be lifting up your family in prayer. Praise God that you've made it this far! And it looks like you all have some amazing friends. May God bless each of you.

Mary said...

We continue to lift you up in prayer. Sarah's church in Auburn also has you on their prayer list.
Can't wait to see pictures of the Egg Roll. We keep in touch everyday and pray for all of you daily..
Love, M Stone

Amanda said...

You are both truly blessed not only to have friends that would fly in to spend a few hours to celebrate the special day, but also to have each other. I pray that your marriage continues to be strong on this roller coaster. Glad to hear that Brittany can still enjoys sweets- to be denied chocolate and other wonderful treats with all she's going through would just be too mean :)

Stephanie said...

Yay for 28 weeks and a wonderful Birthday!!!!!