Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Various Ramblings...

It's another afternoon here and things are still going well. Gaines' heart rate continues to look good and I still don't have any signs of infection. It's just been another looooong day here. We really are so thankful for each day that God gives us here but we also miss home very much. I know that we'll be there again when all of this is over but we so miss our "real lives". We are so blessed to have a wonderful son, a great dog, jobs we love, friends we miss and a house that we look forward to getting our family back to. Its just hard to have all of that taken away from you for a while.

The last time they let me "out" for my sonogram I was reminded that in the great scheme of things we don't have it so bad. I saw other patients being pushed around and realized that things could be much worse. That said, with the days getting longer around here, the missing home gets worse. Most of the day we are fine but there are a few times a day when you just want "normal" back. I feel so guilty actually putting that into words because I know what a gift the last 5 weeks have been. I almost feel like God will think I'm ungrateful if I don't stay super positive about everything. That couldn't be further from the truth...we are truly grateful. Gaines would have been here 5 weeks ago if it wasn't for God and all of your prayers...I know that and I thank Him everyday for it.

My mom just called and Reed's 18 month checkup went great. He's perfectly healthy and the doctor said that he is one of the most "well adjusted 18 months old he's seen". Not super sure what that means but I'm sure it's because of the way I've raised him. :)

I almost forgot, Beau was given a new job today here at the hospital...well volunteer job. Our favorite attending came in this morning and asked him to compile all of the resources he had come across in our search for housing, food, organizations etc. It really could not have come at a better time for him. I know he misses his job and this will give him something to work on. I think he was pretty flattered that they asked him to do it. Apparently people stranded away from home are not uncommon here-I guess with this being a big city and a city that draws a lot of tourists. They just don't have any compiled resources for people in our situation or people who have family in town for extended periods.

I guess that's it for now. Please continue to keep our family in your prayers.



Collier Chronicles said...

I think God completely understands your longing for normalcy. I would be more concerned if you did not want normalcy back.

I pray you will continue to have those longings because that means that Gaines will continue to be in the preassure cooker.

That is great he has something to occupy his time. I suggest maybe an iPhone or something. It has kept me busy!

Tiffany Dawn said...

How cool is it that you'll be able to bless others with your experience!! PRaying for you guys! Sorry the days are long and I think its ok to be honest with God... he's not going to take away the blessing of the last 5 weeks just bc you are honest with him about how it feels to be away from home! He is the creator of emotions so I know he can handle it!!

I love getting to see your story unfold!! Thanks for sharing so often! Your story matters Brittany!

Tiffany in Dallas TX

Courtney Rogers said...

This might be a totally stupid question, keep in mind I'm totally ignorant to the medical field. I know your situation is severe, but could they put you in a wheelchair for a spin around the hospital every couple of days just to get a change of paint colors :)???

A Growing Family said...

Thank you for sharing your story and the honesty of your feelings. As one that has been on bedrest(and nothing as extreme as being stranded so far from home), I understand the position between gratitude and longing for it to be over. You have truly been blessed to make it this far and seemingly with a lot of grace. I know God will continue to extend His grace to your, your husband and Reed.

Lori said...

Beau congrads on your new volunteer job! I am postitive it will help pass the day a little faster and give you two something different to talk about. BTW,how's that marathon Uno game going? Great news about Reeds check up too.

Stephanie said...

Thankful that there's no sign of infection or labor! Continuing to pray for days and days and days for Gaines to stay put :)

How neat for Beau...glad he has something to keep him busy.

That Reed is just must be doing something right!

Melody said...

Glad you're still hanging in there! :) That's great that Beau has a little job now, it must be killing him to sit still all the time! ;)

Bekah said...

Just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I am praying for you guys and each morning I am eager to visit and see that nothing has changed. :)

I've been trying to think of ideas of stuff you guys could do to pass the time. My first thought was movies. Is that a possibility for you guys? I know that's what my husband and I would do if we had time to kill. How funny would it be to get a Netflix membership at the hospital?

My other idea was a game my husband and I played the few times we had to drive between CA and WA state. Kind of a guess who game, where one of you thinks of a person and the other person asks yes or no questions until they guess who it is. The more situations and circumstances you guys have been in together, the more fun it can be. We absolutely cracked each other up by thinking of random people from our pasts, and then next choosing a grandpa or something. Maybe it was just us, but it kept us entertained for a long time. We'd just be driving along, and then one of us would say, "I've got someone..." Could be fun in the hospital.

Okay, enough rambling from a stranger. Hope Thursday is a good day!