Monday, April 27, 2009

Huge News!

Gaines' head ultrasound came back normal! Praise God! When we go back tonight we should get more detailed information. Also at our visit this afternoon, we found out that his blood gases are looking better. I know they want his carbon dioxide level to be around 40 and at lunch he was in the 60s...not perfect but better than in the 80s where it was. Please pray that this continues to get better.

His oxygen level was up a little when I got there but I believe they told me it had been down to 65. When he is quiet and still he can hold his sats with less oxygen but whenever he's messed with, he requires a little more help until he settles back down.

In other big news, they fed him today. I asked how he tolerated it an she told me it wasn't enough for him not tolerate it. 1 cc I believe. They are just trying to get his gut (their word not mine) ready...very slowly.

On of our favorite doctors is on tonight and she told me the plan was to try and wean his oxygen down to 60. Once they did that they would cut back on his nitric oxide and and settings on the oscillator. Please pray that he tolerates this. Again, I was reminded...Gaines his a very sick baby. I feel like I get that disclaimer anytime I sound a little bit excited or hopeful at his progress. I know they just want to keep us grounded so I understand. However, I AM going to be excited about this head ultrasound news! That is SUCH a relief.

PLUS, his bilirubin levels are down three points and tomorrow he goes from triple lights to double lights. Not sure the difference but it's better. Right now we can barely see his face because of the mask they have him wearing. Hopefully, once that come off we can post more pictures of his beautiful face.

One other bit of exciting news, our pastor from home is flying up Wednesday to spend some time with us. I know he is a busy man and we are humbled that he is taking time to make such a big trip for us. This is truly a blessing for both Beau and me. We cannot thank the people enough who made this happen.

I'm about to jump into a hot bath to try and relax my leg muscles. They feel like they've been run over by a log truck. Oh, I'm off the ledge now and haven't cried since lunch. We used a gift card that we'd been given for a good sit down lunch and I had a brownie sundae (I shared...some). I felt like I deserved it given my day.

Keep praying!

Love to all,



Devon said...

awesome news!

the NICU is a rollercoaster...hour by hour.

hang in there...

Amy said...

What great news!!! Praying for you ALL! :)

Amanda said...

Praise God for clear ultrasounds and for gift cards and for baths! It's so hard to spend money on yourself when you don't have paychecks coming in. So glad you have been blessed by others- you deserve it! I know what you mean about the whole "gut" thing, I was so weirded out by the whole "need to prime her gut" and all the other "gut" talk. just not a word I was used to hearing. glad you are feeling better! thank you so much for taking the time to update us all. it means a lot.

The Williamson's said...

That is wonderful news!! I'm praying that things continue to go well and little Gaines makes more progress everyday. God Bless you all!!!

Kate said...

Praise God!!

Diana said...

Praising God with you for the good news! We are continuing to pray throughout the day daily.

Katie said...

You go girl with your brownie sundae! You did deserve it.


Rhonda said...

Brittany & Beau,

That is GREAT news!

The Alfa Board of Directors met today and I shared some of the highlights from your "A Total Mess of a Post" with them right before we broke for lunch. Guess what - every one of them had room on their prayer list for the entire Daniel family. :)

Can't wait to see more pictures of that beautiful little face.

Take care of yourself and like everyone else has said, you are entitled to a pity party every now and then.

Rhonda Sikes

christicave said...

Good for you having a sundae!! MMMMMM!!!!

My son, 28 weeks, had 4 brain bleeds but is ok at this point! He's 8!

PRAISE THE LORD for that positive report! Yes, he is still a very sick baby but God has HIS hand i=on this situation and HE is the Great Physician! Aren't we so thankful for that?

May God hold you all so you can physically feel HIM!
Amen and Amen

Christi in Mississippi

Ruthie said...

Thank You Jesus for the awesome news! And Brittany, I would definitely say you deserved that brownie sundae!!!! :) Continuing to pray,


Brooke said...

You just go ahead and be as excited as you want to be! I would be through the roof!


Sarah said...

So happy you got some good news this afternoon! It sounds like you're receiving a good crash course in neonatal physiology too. :)

It's okay to cry. Every day in fact. And to eat brownie sundaes. Also every day.

King J's Queen said...

Praise the Lord for the clear brain scan!! Woohoo! It's good to be cautiously optomistic, but isn't it wonderful to celebrate every little improvement? I'm so glad to hear Gaines has had some good UPS today. Always praying!

Hewett Happenings said...

What a blessing to have that positive report on the head ultrasound. I know that is one thing checked off your list to be concerned about. And I would think that two lights is better than three. Sounds like even though he is still "very sick" he is moving up on that scale.

Also its wonderful that your pastor is getting to come to visit. I know there are people all over praying for you, but it has to be comforting to have your own pastor there.

Waiting on more happy updates, and pictures of your little fighter.

Still praying in Oklahoma...

Kristi J said...

Such great news about the head ultrasound! Yay!!

I'm continuing to pray for you guys and Gaines! Awesome that your pastor is coming up to see you.

Aunt Sherry said...

This is wonderful news. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well. It has been a long time in the bed, so your body has to get back in touch with everything.
I just want you to take it easy. Reed was so good and so much fun. We kept him a little longer today, so Meredith and Uncle Bill and John got to see him and play with him. We took a walk up the driveway and walked Frosty. Reed walked a long way, but then we put him back in the stroller.
Just keep us posted.
Aunt Sherry

jb said...

Congratulations on the awesome news!!!

danapate said...

You don't know me, but I have been in your shoes. We delivered 30 week twin boys in Dec. Our blog is www.patemiracles.blogspot if you'd like to read another momma's journey of the NICU. I was on hospital bedrest in Nov. and early Dec. and prayed every single day the Lord gave to us. We were overjoyed to make it past 28 weeks, but I too felt that 30 was not long enough. Our boys are home and doing well. After I read your blog, I felt like I was walking through it all over again. We live in B'ham, Alabama. I am going to add you to our prayer chain her in AL if you don't mind. I know you are completely overwhelmed with everything going on right now, but if you'd ever like to chat, feel free to contact me through my email and I will call you. Your precious baby Gaines looks really good so far. I am praying for him to grow and thrive and stay healthy. Congrats on another one of God's miracle babies!

Stephanie said...

1st you deserved that sundae!!!!!!

So happy that Gaines ultrasound came back good....very relieved to hear that!

I'm praying for you all tonight...praying that he remains stable and is in your arms in no time!

Hugs :)

Grammy Jane said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Brittany,
Wonderful news about Gaines' head ultrasound!! What a relief for you!
The NICU tends to work on a one step forward , two steps back premise. hang in there , it does get easier!

Just an FYI, I am a L&D RN, and I just had to comment and say that you should not be taking tub baths so soon after a vaginal delivery. Your post partum RN should have covered that in your discharge instructions. You are still raw and healing inside and therefore can be a huge risk for infection if you soak in a tub bath. You should wait until your post partum check up at 6 weeks to introduce anything inside the vagina. This includes tampons, douches, having sex, and yes tub baths. Hope this helps. I would hate to see you hospitalized again with an infection!

Kellie said...

Great news - and just wanted you to know - the enire month Emma Claire was in the NICU - I cried EVERY.SINGLE.DAY - part of it was not being able to take care of MY child, but also the hormones regulating back in my body. Cry your heart out girl - you deserve it!!!!

Footprints Ministry said...

"Give thanks to him who alone does mighty miracles.His faithful love endures forever." Psalm 136:4

Thanking the Lord today for the great test results!