Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Brittany and I just left the NICU. Gaines' oxygen is down to 70% and his sats are holding in the low 90's...encouraging. Once his oxygen levels get below 40%, the doctors will begin to wean him off the nitric oxide gas. Once Gaines is off the nitric oxide gas, they will begin to wean him off the oscillator (new breathing machine). We know that this process could take several weeks, but I thought I would just explain the process as they continue to decrease his oxygen.

Brittany may have already mentioned this but Gaines is off one of his blood pressure medicines. He also has another ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to check for brain bleeds. He has already had one ultrasound with no signs of brain bleeds, but it is standard to check again at 72 hours of age. PLEASE pray that the ultrasound tomorrow is negative for brain bleeds. This has been one of many concerns of ours.

Brittany was discharged this morning and we have temporarily moved into an extended stay hotel that is about 2 blocks from the hospital. We will be at the hotel for at least two weeks. After that we are not sure. We have had a few people in the DC area offer to let us stay with them. We are going to just try to make it through these first two weeks and then figure the rest out. One thing we have learned already, life in the NICU is hour by hour...its pretty hard to plan for something two weeks away.

One person asked if Gaines will be able to be transferred to Alabama at some point. Basically, the answer is no. The NICU doctors will not release or transfer Gaines until he is ready to go home...most likely in 5-12 weeks depending on his progress.

Below is a picture of Gaines and all of his machines. Please continue to pray for our family.



Collier Chronicles said...

will lift these requests up for you!

Gretta said...

Gaines is one amazing little fellow & we are continuing to lift up prayers on your behalf. Stay strong through it all and remember you are enveloped in prayers & held in the arms of our Heavenly Father!

Monica @ Writer Chic said...

Thinking about you constantly, and lifting the whole family up in prayer. Keep the faith...

Amy said...

Checking in often. Many prayers for all of you!

Beth said...

So glad Brittany is doing well and was released! Will keep praying for Gaines' health and for sanity for you guys.

Ruthie said...

Am continuing to pray? Any chance of another closeup of the cutie pie?? :)


LittleHoya said...


You don't know me, but I live really close by and have been praying for you every day. Now that you are no longer staying in the hospital, I am wondering if you could let us know what your new "physical" needs are (besides prayer and more prayer). I know many of us would love to know if we can bring any basic supplies to make your stay more comfortable.


christicave said...

Still praying in Mississippi. He is beautiful!!!!

I have said it before... my son stayed in the NICU for 14 weeks. What I can tell you is PLEASE take care of yourselves. As hard as it is going through all of this, it will be harder if you get sick! REST as much as you can! I am encouraged to hear that you have had a home cooked meal! That is AWESOME!

God is all over this situation! I pray that you feel HIM all over you!

Christi in Mississippi