Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 20

I forgot to mention that my mother and I took Reed to The National Building Museum on Sunday afternoon. Someone on the subway told us that the museum had a great interactive room for children. Reed loved it, especially the fountain in the lobby (1st picture). Here are a few pictures:


April said...

Reed is not going to know what to do when you get home! He will want to be on the go all the time! I know he misses you!!!

You are in our prayers!

April Hadden

Adventures of Fickleberry Kim said...

it was good to be able to visit you guys last last Friday. it seems like you're having a good time with your son, Reed! per chance, have you been able to slip that Netflix into the mail yet? i was going to swing by sometime this week--do you guys need anything? -sarah kim (from Grace)

MOBACH'S said...

found your blog through another blog a while back ( can't remember which one.. I think it was Angie Smith's) and just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you and your family. I am exactly one week behind you in my pregnancy ( my third) and everyday that my baby continues to grow I think of yours and pray that God would protect it and keep it safe in you!!
Blessings on your family from way up in Canada!

Hokie Grandma said...

You might take Reed to the DC Children's Museum. It has a lot of hands on things for children. Still praying.

Anonymous said...

OK so I found your blog from Kellys Korner and just wanted to let you know you both crack me up. You have such great spirits!! Praying for you from Florida!! Hang in there Gaines!!

Stephanie said...

YOu have the most adorable little boy! He looks like he had a great time seeing you guys and I know he can't wait for you to come home :)

Lori said...

Hello there,
My name is Lori Fields and I have been following your story and praying for you all since you were admitted. I found out about your situation through Kelleys Korner. I have a 2 year old and tomorrow I will be 27 weeks pregnant too! God is blessing you All and we continue to pray for your protected health and finances. My email address is Lorisue777@yahoo.com in case you would Like it.

D. Steindorff said...

The pictures of Reed are just so sweet, looks like you had a good time playing with all the things in the museum as well, Beau! Keep on hanging in there and it will be week 28 in no time. We are all praying every day for the
continued safety of Gaines and Brittany.
The Steindorffs

Amanda said...

I love the lobby of the National Building Museum. It's so big and open and grand. Glad Reed is getting to experience some great sights in addition to quality time with mom and dad.