Thursday, April 9, 2009

27 Weeks: 2 days

All is well this morning. We've made it another day. So far so good today. Beau's in the shower and I'm waiting on my breakfast. I'm hungry this morning for some reason. Apparently they send up the Ensure warm so I'm going to have Beau put it in the community freezer here and I'll have it as a mid-morning snack. Maybe it will be a little frozen by then and be kind of like a shake. I really hope its not gross. I'll keep you posted. Whatever it takes to keep this little guy healthy.

At my 6 am vital check everything still looked good for me. We'll get Gaines on the monitor around 10. He's wiggling around a good bit this morning. I think the fact that he's so active is a good thing. One of the concerns of a baby with no fluid is their lack of movement. I think it can cause problems with their limbs. I don't ask what sort of problems exactly (because I don't want to know) but that was one of the things mentioned to me. Once I hit 28 weeks, I'll ask. That puts me close to 30 days. When I first got here I was told they didn't like babies to be without fluid for more than 30 days. Since I've been here that statement has been amended (because it can re-build up around them) but I'm going to really press it when it gets closer.

I'm still not sure if I get an ultrasound today or not. My nurse said that my doctors were going to discuss it this morning. That's one of the frustrating things about having so many doctors. At some point I was told I'd have one every 3 weeks. Really I was told that I'd get one every week but I guess that plan got scratched. I might really push for one today. Please pray that if I get one it goes well. It could be really discouraging to me if the results aren't what I hoped.

I thought I might list a few non-complaints here. I'm not complaining about anything (because I'm just thankful to be here), just making a few observations.
1. My skin is like a lizard and my lips are constantly chapped. I have lotion/chap stick here and I'm using it a couple times a day but the air in this hospital is so dry. Makes me appreciate the humidity back home.
2. I don't really love drinking out of juice containers and eating off of plastic food warmers. If it were possible I'd have someone ship me my dish/glass cabinet from home. I cannot wait to drink out of one of my own glasses again.
3. Hospital towels are less than stellar. I guess it's to exfoliate all the dry skin. Good think I don't use them every day. :)
4. Even when you can order your own cafeteria food, its still cafeteria food. I don't think they use a bit of salt on anything down there. Luckily if you ask for salt you get salt packets but it's not the same. It's like adding sugar to your tea after its cooled off. It just doesn't mix in the same.

One quick sad thing and I'll run. Beau and I were going to be leaving after work today headed on a long weekend getaway for his birthday. We had taken Friday off and were going to drop Reed off with my parents. Sad. We'll do it when we get home and re-settled. Maybe by Christmas.

Ok...y'all have a good Thursday. Keep us in your prayers.

Oh, congratulations to my niece Kathryn...she slept through the night with no oxygen. That's huge. It's the last step in getting her completely off oxygen. She's been on it since she was born in July 2007. (She was the 24 weeker) Congrats Kat (and Kelly and Greg)! Also a big thank you to my other niece Maddie for helping take care of Reed last week.

Love to all,



my3sons said...

Glad to see your still hanging in there. I totally understand about the "living conditions". Maybe someone from home can send you a few things like glasses or a few real dishes? A fork? I'm sure it gets to you after a long while. I think you are doing amazing to be still laughing! Take care and let the days pass!! Katie

mommylicious said...

Being in the hospital with pregnancy complications is no fun. i have been there! The food is yucky and the towels are gross. Not to mention, you are so far away from home. I am glad you have made it to the almost 30 day mark. I have been praying for you, and asked others to pray for you and your baby boy.

Stephanie said...

I think I'd be finding restaurants around there and have hubby run out and get food.....with all 4 of my kids when I was in the hospital not one bite of hospital food went in my mouth...I just think it's nasty! :)

Praying for you today!

Christie said...

Amen to another day under your belt with everyone doing well. I can't imagine being in your shoes, but one day this shall pass and you all will be home together again. You should ask if you can bring in a meal from a local restraunt for a change in pace. Praying for another good day.

Anonymous said...

do a search on Stevia (natural sweetener) and amniotic fluid. It increases the production of the fluid and may be something you'd consider having each day. It's very safe and very good for you!

King J's Queen said...

Hi! Every morning I check to see how you are doing, and it makes me happy to see you are still hanging in there.

The Ensure isn't so bad. They give it to little kids, too. So, you know if it were nasty tasting, the kids wouldn't touch it. It's not going to compare to your favorite shake, but it really isn't bad at all.

Take care and know we are still praying for you!

The Ellis Family said...

Hey Brit - Kat drinks Pediasure, so just think about her when you drink it. If she can do it, you can too! Then again, she drank Neosure and I wouldn't have touched that nasty stuff with a 10 foot pole. Anyway, the Pediasure smells like Eagle Brand milk and I have tasted it and it doesn't seem too bad. Prayers and hugs! Kelly

Heather said...

Ensure - drink it really cold and drink it quickly! You can do it. Just think about Gaines while you are scarfing it down.

I wish I could have been your 50,000th visitor. I would have taken a picture and sent it to you! :-)

I am at 13 weeks + 2 days today, so I have a lot longer to go... Praying for our own little miracle. After our two oldest children, we've had four miscarriages in a row. So far, all is well...

Praying hard in Ohio...

- Heather Marie

Anonymous said...

Praying for you!

Rebecca said...

I thought the Ensure was good. I did always drink it really cold, but I drank it through my whole pregnancy. It helped fill my stomach so I didn't get so nauseated. For Beau and your family...I saw the details on the sign today about the sunrise service at Arlington National Cemetary. The preservice music starts at 6:15 (yikes!) and it's at the ampitheater. I don't know if they are letting people drive into the cemetary b/c from the parking lot it's a hike, but probably worth it.

Grammy Jane said...

I'm glad that Gaines is comfy where he is. Brittany, you continue to rest as I'm sure you'll need it, and wish for it, later. Continuing to pray for you from Texas.

Tara Harden said...

My experience with ensure: best cold over crushed ice.
Also, as somebody from the "other side"---you have tons of doctors instead of just one, and everybody has their own opinion of what should and shouldn't be done. That can be very frustrating when the plan seems to keep changing. However, you should feel very well taken care of because you do have more than one set of eyes looking over everything, and then re-looking at it again. In Private practice you can very easily have just one set of eyes and one opinion. If you think about it that way it makes you feel better taken care of than like nobody knows what's going or has a real plan. Hope that makes sense. Take care. You're doing a great thing.

Sarah said...

Still praying for 34 weeks. :)

Hey, let me know if you want me to bring over a small humidifier and some real towels tomorrow. I was just looking at our humidifiers yesterday thinking that we need to put them into storage again!

We're heading out of town mid-afternoon but I get home very early in the AM (on call tonight)and could easily run them over to you before we leave.

Take care and have a good night!