Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 23 (27 weeks, 3 days)

Another day has come and gone...praise God. We are getting Brittany ready to see Reed as he comes tomorrow. She is going to shower this morning and the nurses are going to change the sheets on her bed. I know that doesn't sound like a monumental feat, but this constitutes a busy day for us.

All of the temperature readings and heart monitorings continue to be excellent. I figured out that the nurses have taken Brittany's temperature approximately 112 times since she has been here and Gaines has had his heart monitored almost 46 times. You start to get a false sense of security, forgetting that it only takes one not so good temperature reading or heart monitoring to turn our world upside down.

By the way, Brittany figured out yesterday that if she makes it to 34 weeks Gaines' birthday would be around May 26. Only a month and a half to go!

Thank you for your prayers.



The Ellis Family said...

Glad to hear another good temp! I know that you guys will be excited to see Reed tomorrow! We love you guys! Kelly

April said...

Yea! Another good day behind you! We're praying that you stay there a lot longer!

Danny and April Hadden

Rebecca said...

You don't know me but I have been following your story a week after you were in the hospital. I found out about your family from talking with your mother. I put you and your family on our prayer list at church (Harmony Baptist Church in Andalusia) and you have some wonderful people praying for you every day.
I see that your son is coming tomorrow and I know that you are eager to see him. I know that you will have a blessed day and he will too.
Will continue to pray for you and will continue to follow your story as the days go by. God bless each of you.

Ashley said...

Please pray for April Rose. The latest doctor reports show that her heartrate is getting slower, and things do not look good right now. Please help us lift her mother up in prayer. Thank you.