Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sweet Tea!

A warning to all...this is going to be a really random post.

Brittany and I went to church tonight at Grace DC. This is a Presbyterian church in downtown DC. We were introduced to this church by the "community group" that adopted us and has been bringing us meals. This is the second Sunday we have attended.

Anyway, Grace DC's services are at 5:00 PM on Sunday evening. After church last week, we decided to find a restaurant near the church. I guess we sort of started a tradition because we did the same thing this week. As we left the church tonight, we walked around the block and found a McDonald's. We made our way across the street and were about to walk in when we noticed it was packed. Since we already had our hearts set on a hamburger, we decided to splurge and go to Fudruckers. Long story short, Fudruckers had sweet tea! I mean real sweet tea.

We have been in DC now for more than two months and have gone to many restaurants that serve unsweet tea, green tea, cherry black tea, etc. Some even claimed they served sweet tea...but it was not sweet tea. Well tonight we felt like we were back home in Alabama...I drank 4 glasses of sweet tea. It is amazing how something so little can excite me so much.

On a different note, Gaines' oxygen requirements today were between 42% and 60%. He is currently up to 40 cc's of milk at each feeding and weighs 4 pounds 7 ounces. Please pray that he gets his oxygen requirements under control.



Kelli said...

Can't beat Alabama sweet tea!!!!!

Thinking of you all.

Kelli in Grand Bay

the rye family said...

praying in michigan! my sister-in-love is from georgia, so we are familiar with sweet tea - it is one of my husband's favorite summertime drinks! :)

angie b said...

Brit and Beau:
Glad you found a church home--and Presbyterian at that! The Andalusia Presbyterians are praying for you guys--we prayed during service this morning specifically for the ventricular septum to heal. Love, angie

Bubeaner said...

This may seem like a strange questions, but bear with me: have they checked him for an inguinal hernia? When our Bubeaner was in the hospital his little roommate had similar oxygen issues to Gaines. The doctors couldn't figure out the problem. Little A remained in the NICU for almost an extra month than other babies. In the end, the doctors decided to repair his bilateral hernias but had given up hope that he would improve. But once his hernias were repaired, his oxygen issues disappeared. He was discharged within 3 days. The docs discovered that the hernias were affecting him more than originally believed.

Tiffany Lockette said...

Nothing beats some Alabama sweet tea!!

Praying for Gaines always.

Stacy Brown said...

Praying for Gaines in Iowa. Love the sweet tea story. Only one restaurant in town serves real sweet tea here. Still not as great as the south but we will take it. Funny how it has become a treat.