Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Chilly Sunday Afternoon

The weather in DC changes every day. Yesterday it was warm (80) with rain late in the day. Today it was drizzling rain this morning and the high is now ~60. Oh yeah, it is also very windy. Basically it is a chilly, overcast Sunday afternoon. The kind of weather that just makes you want to stay in bed. Thank goodness Reed is here or I think the weather would get the best of Brittany and me. Fortunately, the weather has not affected his mood in the least.

Brittany and I visited Gaines this morning and then again after lunch. He has regained the little bit of weight he had lost. He is now 3 pounds 11 ounces and his oxygen requirements are between 28-30%. He has plateaued on the amount of milk he can currently recieve at each feeding (34 cc's). As he grows, the amount of milk he can recieve will become more. Since he can not receive any more than 34 cc's of milk per feeding, the nurses are supplementing the milk with extra calories. Hopefully he will continue to gain weight.

Please continue to pray for Gaines...and maybe Brittany and me as we plan to keep Reed out of the weather and indoors the rest of the afternoon.



Karen said...

Actually the weather there is pretty similar to ours right now; 60's and rainy here too. Yuck! Glad to hear Gaines is growing along like he's supposed to. Know it's hard to stay patient at times. Reed sounds like a spirit-saver for both of you. I continue to pray for you all.

Karen in Oneonta

Rachel E. said...

Glad to hear Gaines is continuing to gain weight! He's getting so close to 4 pounds! By the way, did you mean 34 cc's instead of 34 ounces? That sounds like a lot of milk for a little baby.

Sara said...

Beau and Brittany,
Just wanted you to know that you're still at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. I know this has been a long and tough road, and we're pulling for you guys!! Glad to hear the good news on Gaines. We continue to pray for health, strength and weight gain!! Thinking of you all!
Bob and Sara Blakeney

Ruthie said...

DC weather sounds a lot like Ohio weather, it can change at any moment! Today we had sunny skies, and chilly-ish temps. So... we did yard work. Weeding mostly, which I really don't care for. At least you don't have to weed right now! :) sorry, lame attempt at humor. :) You both have such great attitudes and are doing SO much to be there for both of your boys. I really admire that. I'll be praying that the Lord continues to sustain you, and that having Reed there continues to be a blessing, and that Gaines continues to grow, get stronger, etc!!! What an adventure God has called you to. I think of your family often and try to put myself in your shoes. I just really think what you're going through and how you're sharing it with all of us is such a testimony to God's faithfulness and provision in the deep valleys of this life. I wonder if it's hard sometimes to share honestly on the blog, but I so appreciate that you do. It motivates me. I'm praying for you all tonight - even for sunny skies this week!