Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gaines has pretty much maintained his good report from this morning. They've played with his oxygen some today but he's still maintaining about 28%. They were however able to reduce some of the pressure he's getting on the CPAP. The doctor mentioned that they would probably try and get him back on the bubble CPAP tomorrow. This would be instead of the CPAP rate that he's on now. The rate is giving him a little more help breathing but the bubble just provides him air and he has to breathe for himself. Please pray that this goes well.

His blood gases looked even better when they checked them again at noon. His carbon dioxide level was down to 56. Since this is looking so much better, they've decided to check it every 12 hours now instead of every 6. This is good news since they now have to stick him every time they do any blood work. I hate the thought of that poor baby getting so many sticks.

We also learned today that he had a head ultrasound yesterday that showed a grade one brain bleed. As I understand it, this is not a huge deal. Grade one is the best you can have (if you have to have one) and it will usually clear up on its own...meaning the blood will drain on its own. Our doctors have assured us that a developmental delay from a grade one bleed would be very rare. While we obviously would rather this not have happened, we are thankful that it was only a grade one. Please pray that no developmental delays occur and that the bleed clears up on its own.

Today has been a much better day for me (and thus for Beau). While we would have never chosen this situation for ourselves, it has been amazing to watch God work. There have been many times when I think I have reached the limit of what I can take. God doesn't always agree but he does always provide what we need to make it through each situation. Last night I had one of the lowest nights since I'd been here. Thankfully God gave me a peace to get through it and this morning he gave us the best news we've had in several days.

Also, Monday we had a rough night when we found out about some concerns over Gaines' heart. Shortly after, we learned of our Sunday School teacher's visit, received a dinner invitation from a man from my company/go to church with and had an offer from friends to come over and bring dinner to and eat with us. I honestly believe that God gave us these visitors during this waiting time for us on purpose.

These are just two of the many, many ways God has taken care of us since we've been here. We've mentioned a few along the way but these are two of the most recent occurrences. To me they are tangible examples of God's promise not to forsake you in the storm. We still have a ways to go in this storm and many concerns that are too far ahead for me to focus on right now but I know that God is not going to give us anything that He won't carry us through.

Please keep Gaines and our family in your prayers. Reed will be here in less than 48 hours! Please pray for his and Beau's parents' safe travels.

Love to all,



Tammy said...

Continuing to pray for you in T-town.

It is such a blessing to see God working in your lives. Thank you for sharing.


Karen said...

Hurrah - glad to hear the "good day" report! And you're absolutely right - God is sending people and circumstances into your paths for a reason, much of which you may not understand here on earth. Just know there are lots of us who are continually bathing your entire family (even Jack!)in prayer! Wow, what a special Mother's Day this will be with both your precious boys there! Hope you have a restful night.

Still praying in Oneonta

Stephanie said...


It's wonderful that Reed is coming this weekend...I think he's just the medicine you need right now :)

Cary said...

I am so glad y'all had a good day! God will continue to hold you all in his hands and we will continue to ask the same.

Cary in Birmingham

Boo said...

I am so glad that he is doing well. I just wanted to share with you that my son was born on April 27, 2009 and he has had some difficulties (he's in the NICU himself) maintaining his sugar levels. But, he also had a Grade One brain bleed. His ultrasounds were 2 days apart and it had already started decreasing. I hope that Gaines continues to grow big and strong.

our family said...

Praying for Gaines to continue to grow stronger and healthier. Praying for encouragement and rest for you both.
Hugs and Prayers Rachel in PA
PS I have been following a blog aof a sweet baby girl Elise who was born at 28 weeks (2 lbs 11oz) in March and is now over five pounds and just about to go home! thought you might like to read it for encourgement, here is the link

kim_brough said...

"There have been many times when I think I have reached the limit of what I can take. God doesn't always agree but he does always provide what we need to make it through each situation."

These 2 simple sentences show your dedication to and belief in an amazaing, need-providing God. I'm amazed that in the face of this difficult situation you can still realize that.

Prayers from Louisville tonight.

Kelli said...

Believing Gaines is going to get better every day. Blessings from Mobile County.


Billy Irvin said...

We are praying for you guys and especially Gaines. We are praying for God to provide you a great peace and perserverance on this journey. We pray we feel the great promise of Psalm 56:3 "When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You. In God, whose word I praise, in God I have put my trust; I shall not be afraid."