Friday, May 8, 2009

What a day.

This day has been one of the best we've had in a long time. The day started with sunshine after almost a week of rain and cloudy skies. Then we visited Gaines and Brittany got to hold him. Reed arrived after lunch and has been so much fun. Then we visited Gaines again this evening and he is tolerating his feedings much better. The day ended as we met up with family (my parents and my step-sister's family) and had dinner. It felt weird to go out to eat and sit around a table with so much family (there were 9 of us).

After dinner, a really cool thing happened. My step-sister (Stephanie) called me and described something that had just happened to them on the Metro after dinner. They were making small talk with a stranger on the train and the stranger asked Stephanie if her kids were out of school for the summer (she has a 12 year old and a 9 year old). Stephanie explained that the kids were still in school but they had decided to take a long weekend trip to DC. Stephanie explained that her step-brother, who was from out of town, had just had a baby at GWUH. The stranger on the train asked "Do you mean Beau and Brittany Daniel". Apparently she reads our blog. She couldn't remember how she ever stumbled upon our blog but she has been reading for some time. I think Stephanie and the stranger were amazed they had stumbled across each other. Small world.

Hopefully tomorrow will be even better than today. We plan to take Reed to a nearby playground in between hospital visits. I'm sure we'll have some pictures we can share with everyone.

Please pray that Gaines continues to improve.



Thomas and Jamie said...

I hope that this wonderful story encourages you all even more that the Lord is working!! I just put my 1 year old down for bed and came straight in here to check on little Gaines!! Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for you!

Shannon said...

Cool Story!

You both have such grace and is inspiring.

Ruthie said...

That Metro story is so neat! Praising God for the good day you got to have! Praying the weekend just keeps getting better!


The Foster Home said...

That is so cool!! I am so excited to hear that Brittany got to hold the baby, so exciting!!!

dylonhoustonlaetonreid said...

Hey guys!
Just checking in on you all and am so excited you got to hold baby Gaines...I saw Brittany's dad today and he gave us the items for the yard sale, thank you for thinking about us. I thought about ya'll all day (wasn't around a computer to check on yall) and when I got to see your daddy, he filled my in on what a great day ya'll had had!
sending prayers up for you all!

Gretta said...

The metro story is yet another reminder that God is working & a great reminder of the countless folks you have praying for you! What a blessed Mother's Day gift to be able to hold your precious Gaines. It brought tears to my eyes. We are still praying for all of you and love you lots.

Rachel E. said...

What a neat story! Do you read MckMama's blog? ( She's talked about running into strangers in public who read her blog a lot. So glad to hear that Gaines is doing so well & I am continuing to pray for him daily!

Meghan said...

Beau! That was me! I couldn't believe it either-it was a God thing for sure! I have been following your story since a couple days after Gaines' water broke and am so glad to read that he is doing better. And to see pics of him from his Aunt! Awesome. Hope you have a wonderful weekend with family, Meghan Wood