Monday, May 18, 2009

Status Quo

Everything still seems to be about the same with Gaines. His oxygen was down a little this morning. It was at 27% when I called first this morning and at 28% at my visit but they have to bump it up at the end of his feedings. Hopefully when I go back this afternoon it will be at 27% or below.

If he's still doing well with his temperature (and he seems to be) I'll get to hold him today at 2:30. Our favorite nurse is working today so that is also good news. She is very good about encouraging us to hold him. We love to hold him but don't want to put too much stress on him. Also, it's a big job for the nurses to get him out so we always hate to ask.

His carbon dioxide was still in the 60s but headed in the right direction at 62 instead of 65-66. He lost a little weight last night...not much maybe just 15 grams. I believe that puts him at about 3 lbs 10 1/2 oz. I feel like 15 grams is so little that it could just be him being weighed at a different time or after a very wet diaper or something. Who knows? I can rationalize anything.

Let's see...what else? Reed is napping now. He got a desperately needed haircut this morning. I like it kind of shaggy but it was just a little long down the back of his neck for my taste. He looks good now...just a big change from the shaggy curls.

I better run for now. I need to do my chores while he's asleep so I can make it back to the hospital in time to hold Gaines.

Please keep his little lungs (and everything else) in your prayers.

Love to all,



April said...

Gaines sweet little lungs are in our prayers along with God to heal him totally. Also, to give you and Beau peace, and lots of love for Reed.

Danny and April Hadden

Cary said...

I was out of town and missed your blog for several days. I am so glad Gaines is doing well and that Reed is still with you two! I will continue to pray for the entire Daniel family.

Cary in Birmingham

jensoup said...

things sound like there really coming along-he's doing great. I always hated bothering the nurses too,but then once one of the Drs said,keep holding him,he's doing great. she said the parent child contact helps there development.Did they talk to you about kangaroo care(skin to skin holding). Our childrens hospital was very fond of it ,I researched it and nothing but rave reviews. It said it helps growth,development,bonding etc.Our little boy did really well w/it.
Good luck

Melissa said...


I've been following your blog every since you were put in the hospital. I don't even remember whose blog I followed the link from. not hesitate to ask the nurses to hold your baby boy. I too am an RN (PICU and sometimes NICU) and it is so so so so so important to do kangaroo care. I believe it helps tremendously in their growth (mentally AND physically). Just remember that even though it may be hard for the nurses to do it, it is part of our job and even though we may seem too busy at times, it never ever hurts to ask. :-) (((HUGS)))

Stephanie said...