Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Day

All is still well with Gaines today. We've made two visits so far and getting ready to go back after shift change at 7:30. He still seems to be holding his own. His oxygen is staying in the twenties...24 at some points. Today I asked the nurse what happens when he gets to 21%. She told me they'd just start weaning him off the CPAP. I believe they start off taking him off for an hour and then back on for a few and so forth.

I also found out that in a couple of days he should be able to wear little shirts. Kind of caught me off guard. I didn't even ask and the nurse just offered that up. Just a little something to look forward too. Over the weekend I learned that once he gets to 1800 grams (4 lbs I think), he gets to move to an open top bed. Right now he's in an islolet. I think he's a little over 1500 now.

We've had a great day today with Reed. He is so much fun. Right now he and Beau are practicing what all the animals say. I am so glad we decided to keep him here.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers. We've made a lot of progress the last few days but we still have a ways to go. Gaines is improving but still not breathing on his own and we are still living 900 miles away from home. We are so thankful to everyone out there that continues to keep up with us.

Love to all,



Penni said...

You're doing great! Just realize you are the parents God selected for these two boys and you're doing the best you can. You're continually being lifted up!

Melody said...

Reed must bring so much sunshine to your day now! I think you guys really needed something to deter your attention to all that wasn't going as planned and just have time to enjoy your son. Kids sure put things in perspective for us! :) Still praying for Gaines!

Ruthie said...

How wonderful that Reed will be staying!!! I have two children and couldn't imagine having to be seperated from one of them while caring for the other for such an extended amount of time. I am sure it will present some new challanges, but maybe it will also help things feel more "normal." I'm sure Reed is loving it!!! I will pray that you are able to balance between both boys and that God continues to work His healing touch on Gaines. So thankful for all the great news today and will be continuing to pray!!!


Footprints Ministry said...

what a HUGE step to get to wear clothes! we can't wait to see pictures with his first outfit on! He is making amazing progress! We're continuing to pray!