Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Morning Surprise

We went to visit Gaines this morning and got a welcome surprise...he has been moved out of his isolet and into an open bed! Originally we were told he would not go to an open bed until he was able to hold his own temperature and he weighed 1800 grams. He is currently 1785 grams (3 pounds 15 ounces) but is holding his temperature very well. Typically the nurses will not turn the temperature in the isolet below a setting of 28. The past two days Gaines' isolet temperature setting was at 27. It was because of his ability to hold his temperature that the doctors decided to go ahead and move him to an open bed. Hopefully he will tolerate the new noises and environment. Other than this big news, everything else seems to be the same.

This afternoon, Brittany and I are taking Reed to a Washington Nationals baseball game. This will be his first major league game. I'm sure we will have some great pictures to share. In the mean time, below are a few new pictures of Gaines. One picture is from the day after he was born. The other pictures are from today, his one month birthday. Look at the difference in the number of machines.
The picture below was taken the day after Gaines was born.
The picture below was taken month later.
The picture below is Gaines in his new open bed.

Yesterday we stopped at a FedEx & Reed wanted to type on the computer.


dylonhoustonlaetonreid said...

what wonderful news! Happy one month Birthday Gaines! You are such an inspiration to us all!
Have fun at the game tonight!
Love Ya'll!
The Smith's

Anonymous said...

How fabulous!

Collier Chronicles said...

that is wonderful news! Still thinking about you in B'ham.

Ruthie said...

Wonderful news!!! Enjoy the game!


Diana said...

Happy one month birthday Gaines! What a great surprise, just one step closer to getting home! Praying for Gaines to continue making steps forward.


Melody said...

I hope you're having a blast at the baseball game!! We are HUGE baseball fans in our family. :)

So awesome that he got moved! Wasn't it just yesterday that they said it may happen sometime this week? :) He's doing so great!!!

Mab said...

Such a happy post!!! :) Made me smile big!

Karen said...

Whoo-whoo ---moving to an open crib is a VERY big step for a preemie - which means it's also a big step toward Alabama! For a little fellow who's not even supposed to be on the "outside" yet, he's doing great. Glad you're having so much fun exploring the area with Reed.

Still praying in Oneonta!

The Ellis Family said...

Beau and Brit - We enjoyed seeing the pictures of the Nationals game that you emailed to us!! Looks like you are really enjoying having Reed there. We are so excited to hear that Gaines is now in an open air crib. You all are so fortunate that he is doing so wonderful! The accomplishments that he has made in just one month are amazing!

Praying daily for more little steps!

Kelly, Greg, and the girls

Penni said...

Fabulous news!!!