Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to let you all know that they did not do Gaines' heart echo today. The cardiologist wanted a specific tech to do it and she's not working until I guess we'll wait. After looking at the EKG and x-ray that was done this morning, the NICU doctors don't see anything to lead them to believe that there is a heart issue but they will still need to do the echo to rule it out. Gaines' labs don't seem to point to any sort of infection either. Right now the doctors think that it is probably just his lungs. The x-ray showed several damaged areas. He was given the lasiks this afternoon and has started to lose some of the fluid but his oxygen is still hanging out around 50%.

Please continue to pray for Gaines' little body. Please pray that the lasiks keep working and he is able to reduce his oxygen requirement. Having his oxygen go in the wrong direction is a very scary thing for me. I hope this is not as major as his first hurdles, but today felt like one of the early days to me. Knowing that something is not right but not knowing what it is or how to fix it.

Love to all,



Michelle Gregory said...

I having been praying for "Little Man" throughout the day. Just got this update. Will pray specifically for his lungs, for the Lasix to remove the fluid and for his oxygen to be lowered. I am praying God will comfort you and Beau. We all know that there might be setbacks but I was hoping that we could keep it a secret from Gaines. Hang in there!

Hugs and Prayers from Prattville~

Karen said...

Thanks for the evening update; I'm sure it's not always easy to find time for that.

Am praying for perfect response to the lasix and no problems to be detected with the heart exam tomorrow. Maybe when you visit in the morning, Gaines will surprise you with great "numbers"!

Still praying in Oneonta

Kelli said...

God bless that sweet baby! Thinking of him daily. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Kelli in Grand Bay

Diana said...


Rachel E. said...

Praying for Gaines' lungs to grow & mature SOON and for wisdom for his medical team! Hope to hear good news soon.

Billy Irvin said...

Beau & Brittany... We are praying for those specific things you have asked us to pray about...Gaines' body to heal...the treatments / lasiks / fluids and oxygen levels. We are praying for your entire family ... Came across this today and thought of you guys...

Hold fast to Christ and He will give
The will to see you through;
And if you keep on keeping on,
Your strength He will renew.

You are praying and cheering for you guys!