Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good Echo Report

We got the heart echo done today and it seems to be a fairly good report. First of all, Gaines' PDA is 100% closed so that's good news.

Secondly, his VSDs are still there and they are contributing to the fluid in his lungs. Technically this is considered heart failure but the cardiologist prefers to refer to it as heart success. Basically his heart is doing exactly what it should...the VSDs are just making things a little complicated. To treat this, the cardiologist wants to give him the lasiks everyday. Hopefully this will help his lungs and reduce his oxygen requirement.

Since the VSDs are muscular holes, as his heart grows, the holes will become relatively smaller and eventually close (from what I understand anyway).

All in all a good report. Hopefully this is the answer we've been looking for. We haven't been able to talk to the NICU doctors about what this means over all but as soon as we do I'll report back.

Love to all,



Ruthie said...

Good to hear the report. Continuing to pray! Hang in there. I'm sure this whole journey just feels like a bunch of baby steps, some forwards, some backwards, but I know God is weaving together all of these steps for Gaines, and one day he'll be well enough and strong enough to leave the hospital and go home! I imagine I'll be crying tears of joy when that day comes, even though I don't know your family personally. I pray that God renews your hope and strength each new day and that Reed can be a continual source of "normal" and joy!


Cary said...

Brittany, it sounds like things are headed in the right direction. I am continuing to pray for the Daniel family and their well being.

Cary in B'ham