Friday, May 8, 2009

Two Weeks Old!

I don't have a lot to report this morning but Reed is coming today so I don't know when I'll have the chance to update again. Gaines had another stable night last night. He's maintaining on the bubble CPAP. His oxygen is hanging around 25% and his blood gases look the same. His CO2 was 60 this morning. I can't remember if we told you or not but yesterday it was around 25...not quite the norm for Gaines. At our visit last night it was back up to 57. We'd still like it to be around 35-45 but 25 just wasn't right.

Let's see...what else? He's tolerating his feedings well. He gained 30 grams last night so he's back around 3 pounds 3 ounces. We want him to fatten up some. He has to be 4 pounds before he can go home. I hope now that he's eating again he'll pick up weight a little faster. They were giving him calories (TPN) when they weren't feeding him during the PDA closing business. I feel like actually eating has got to be helpful.

I've never seen Gaines cry as much as he did yesterday. It was kind of bittersweet. My heart ached because I couldn't pick him up and comfort him but I was glad that his lungs are strong enough for him to cry like that. I think it just shows the fight he's got in him.

Today is Gaines' two week birthday and I'm taking him a little present. Someone along the way sent us the tiniest little stuffed lamb and I've wanted him to have it for the longest time. I think he's big enough now to have it in his isolet. I hope they let him keep it in there.

Reed comes today and I am beyond excited. I woke up at 3 this morning and thought...12 more hours until I can see Reed. Please pray for his safe (and on time!) travels today. I cannot wait to get my hands on that precious child.

Also, if you happen to be in the GW hospital area of DC today and you see a bright blinding reflection, don't worry. It's just my white legs seeing the sun for the first time in 51 days.

Please keep Gaines in your prayers...strengthening lungs, healthy heart, and good feedings. Beau and I are especially praying for a good weekend for Gaines so that we can spend a lot of time with Reed.

Love to all,



Jennifer and Mark Kiel said...

Hey Brittany, I've been keeping up with your family since Greg and Kelly sent us your blogsite. I just gave birth to a preemie on Wed and he is in the NICU here in Birmingham. Reading your posts have (and still are) been very helpful. I get discharged today and am very sad about leaving him here alone. I know you understand and all the other special NICU mommys out there. I'm so glad Gaines is doing well and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Reed - Happy Mother's Day! Love, Jennifer

King J's Queen said...

We'll just assume that bright shining light is a ray of sunshine over Gaines' continued improvement. So glad things are going well. We continue to pray for Gaines and your family.

Jennifer said...

Hey guys! I am so glad that things are progressing slowly but surely! That is wonderful! Enjoy your weekend with Reed!

Ruthie said...

Loved the legs comment! Both my kids were blessed with their Daddy's piment and outtan me, regardless of how much sun I see. So excited about Reed coming!!! Cannot wait to hear about all you do with him and maybe see some pictures! Continuing to pray for Gaines. He's like the Little Engine that Could!


Giggles said...

Have a great Mother's Day and fun with Reed this weekend.