Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stable Day

Today has been another stable day for Gaines. His lowest oxygen point today has been 25% but he's hanging out around 30% now. I'm trying so hard not to pay attention to those numbers but its tough. He also lost a little more weight last night so he's back to around 3 lbs 9 oz.

The head doctor decided in rounds today that I should start something called kangaroo care with Gaines. Basically it's just holding him skin to skin so he can hear my heart beat and can smell me. It sounds a little weird to me as I am not the type of person that would have ever done something like that on my own. I've heard of it even with term newborns but never had an inclination to do it with Reed. But, if they think it will help Gaines...and according to the doctors it can help with all kinds of things including his oxygenation...I'll do it.

In other big news, we went to Target today. We needed diapers for Reed but it was nice to kind of look around and be out doing something normal. I tell you, I'm worn out from it though. Its kind of a big production to get there by metro...with a stroller. I can't wait until I can get in my car and drive myself wherever I need to go.

Please continue to keep Gaines and our family in your prayers. Specifically for his little lungs...still.

Love to all,



Grammy Jane said...

There is nothing like doing Kagaroo Care. It is really special!! I got to do this with my preemie grandsons when they were in the NICU for ten weeks. It is a wonderful bonding time. I just know you'll enjoy it. I'm praying for you, Reed, and Gaines each day in Texas.

christicave said...

I did Kangaroo care with my preemie for WEEKS and WEEKS! I believe that is when he (and I) started to relax and improve!

Enjoy it!

Christi in Mississippi


L32396 said...


I saw this story (see link above) and thought you guys...it is about the miracle babies all grown up...great story and there is a video to watch there too..plus they will be in people magazine this month...so amazing and inspiring to see these kids in college who were less than one pound born...I know your son Gaines will be just as amazing!

Bubeaner said...

You'll be amazed how just contact with your body will make him feel better. Check the monitor before you start to see his stats, then check it out again when you are both relaxed. It's amazing!

We did it with our 30-week preemie Bubeaner; he was in the NICU for 8 weeks.

Praying for you and Gaines.

D. Steindorff said...

Give your "little kangaroo" a big kiss from all the folks in Montgomery praying for you all!
Debbie Steindorff

Lori said...

Brittany when you start the kangaroo care, you will feel uncomfortable like you said so try to prepare yourself ahead of time so Gaines doesn't pick up on your discomfort, and he will be able to relax even more. Just remember your doing this for your son, and I beleive you will actually come to enjoy it too.

LittleHoya said...

Hi! I have posted on here once before. I live in the area and have been keeping you guys in my prayers. I might suggest that you guys sign up for Zip car. http://www.zipcar.com/

Most people who live in the city have a memebership. They have cars parked all over the city and you can just schedule to have it for the afternoon.

Also, another tip. You should sign up for the Washington Post Going Out newsletter sent on Thursday. They always let you know about family fun events, etc. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/goingoutgurus/?nid=roll_gurus

I hope this helps make your stay a little easier!


our family said...

Praying that Gaines weight goes up and his need for oxygen goes down. Praying for patience as you all continue to miss your home.
Hugs and Prayers
Rachel in Pa

Trisha said...

I haven't checked in for a while, but it sounds like Mr Gaines is doing great! I know it's hard not to think about the oxygen business. (Or any other numbers for that matter!) I still remember when they told me they were going to turn our son back up to 100% oxygen since that is what they send babies home on. I lost it! He was on nasal canula then and of course that is with a much lower flow. He went home on 1/4 liter oxygen, which we could barely feel come out of the tube! Just remember that it's what these "PROM kings" need in order to grow and get those crappy lungs better. He won't be on it forever!
Hang in there! You guys continue to be in my prayers.

(PROM at 19 weeks, baby born at 28 weeks)

Amanda said...

Kangaroo Care is a little awkward at first. It really is an amazing experience though how a mother's chest acts as an isolette and heats up and cools down automatically to meet the needs of the baby. Daddy's chests don't do that so they need to adjust blankets, but mommy's do it instinctively and I think that's just incredible. I miss skin to skin with my daughter. I truly thought it was healing experience. You could see her sats improve when we did it. Even now, at 20 months old, I miss it. When she cuddles in the shower it's the closest few moments I get. I tried the other week when she was sick in the middle of the night to unbutton her jammies and unbutton mine and get her to lay on my chest, but she stayed like that for about 2.5 seconds and then pushed herself away. lol. Enjoy these special moments with your precious son!

And have Sarah take you to Target (and Costco) next time they go, don't mess around with metroing all the way out to the burbs with a stroller and trying to get everything back :) Still praying!

Footprints Ministry said...

Wow! Little Gaines is moving right along! Isn't it amazing how well he is doing! God is so good! We're continuing to pray daily for Gaines and your family.

"Great is the Lord! He is most worthy of praise!No one can measure his greatness." Psalm 145:3

Jayme said...

Been following your blog and praying for you guys.

Wanted to share another blog with you that I read, her baby was born at <28 weeks. They've done kangaroo care with Ellie and seen remarkable improvement. She's also had some of the same struggles you have had.