Friday, May 22, 2009

Four Weeks Old

I know I say this at every milestone but I cannot believe we've been living this NICU lifestyle for 4 weeks now. You all know that lately I've been really wanting Gaines to make some big progress but hitting this 4 week mark makes me look back and realize exactly how far he has come.

It was not so long ago that Gaines was on every machine they had to help him he is only on the CPAP and within 10% of not needing oxygen at all. Four weeks ago we couldn't touch we are able to hold him regularly. He was getting his blood gases checked every 3 he doesn't need them checked anymore. He was just a measly 3 lbs 2 oz and now he's a whopping 3 lbs 14 oz! Yep, he's only 2 ounces shy of the coveted 4 pound mark. Since Gaines doesn't seem to be ready to lose the oxygen just yet, I'm focusing on other things like his weight.

The last day or two I've really been able to appreciate how far he has actually come. I can remember his first day here and Beau and I being called to the NICU because they weren't sure he was going to pull through. I remember us sitting by his bedside helpless and crying yet praying feverishly for him. And now, here we are four weeks later with a pretty stable little guy that we are just having to be patient with. It's amazing how quickly you can forget how much you've already been blessed when you've set your sights on wanting something else.

Moving yesterday's afternoon visit, Gaines' oxygen was up to 42%. I was shocked. The nurse told me that he had just slowly crept up all day. When I went back that night he was still at 38%. Lower, but much higher than he normally is. The nurse told me that she noticed that his feeding tube had slipped some so she replaced it and she thinks that was the reason for the increased oxygen.Thankfully, while I was there he came back down to about 30%. This morning he is still around 30% and everything else is still about the same.

We had a lot of fun at the park yesterday. There are some gorgeous rose beds around the park and I think Reed smelled everyone of the roses while we were there. My parents should be here in a couple of hours so we'll be spending the afternoon with them. I wonder if they will be able to notice any physical changes in Gaines. I see him everyday so it's hard to notice these extra ounces. I wonder if they will.

I guess that's really about it for now. It's lunchtime here and I'm hungry. I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Please keep Gaines in your prayers.

Love to all,



Kelli said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! Hang in there and have a good weekend with your family!

Erica said...

Praise God for all the progress Gaines has made in just 4 weeks!!!

Cary said...

I agree with Erica..........PRAISE GOD! He has definitely been right with the Daniel family all through this. Don't worry, I am sure he will continue to walk with all of you.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your parents. I bet they will see a huge difference in Gaines!
Hugs and prayers,
Cary in B'ham

Michelle said...

Oh Brittany,

It is amazing after all these days of praying for the "little baby steps" and then we look back and Gaines has made huge hurdles! He is a fighter. I hope Mr. Gaines continues to be laid back when he gets home as he is now. Clearly, he is doing things when he gets ready. He is in no hurry. LoL. God is so good. Thanks for keeping us updated. Will continue to pray for
Gaines' strength and patience for you and Beau and THANK HIM FOR BRINGING ALL OF YOU THIS FAR.

Hugs and Prayers from Prattville!

Jen said...

Amen! What amazing progress he has made in a short amount of time. As I mentioned before, my girls were ventilated for 101 days. They were almost 13 weeks old before they were able to be on C-PAP. Thats awesome.
It's actually quite common for preemies to come home on oxygen. Although not preferable, I know, but often needed. As far as the CLD goes, I hope the docs explained this is just a diagonis. Doctors do have a tendency to share many more bad stories than good.
Both Grace & Faith have CLD and live life as many other children would. Sure they cannot be around smoke but thats not all that great for any healthy baby.
It was extremely helpful for us to be able to talk to someone, another family, who had been here before us. For questions and comfort. I just thought you might like to hear the good story too. We certainly are bowing before our Heavenly Father that Gaines gets off oxygen ASAP. That his lungs will make great strides and become super healthy. And soon, very soon, you all can go home.
Jen in WA

Amy said...

Beautiful post. Isn't is amazing to look back and see where God has been? Gives us encouragement to know he still carries us and our little ones. :)

Still praying for you guys!

Stephanie said...

Wow when you said four weeks I was shocked. It doesn't seem like it's been four weeks since Gaines was born(of course to you it might seem like it's been longer since he's in the NICU and you're not home quite yet). He's made great strides and I'm so happy for all of you. Can't wait to rejoice with you the day he comes home. Continuing to pray for your family!