Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Checking In

I'm almost afraid to put it in print, or whatever a blog is, but I think Gaines might be inching down on his oxygen. At tonight's visit he actually was at 25% when I left. By the time Beau got in there he was at 27% but they were feeding him. He needs more oxygen during his feeds because of the reflux. I really hope that tonight he's able to hang out around 25-26%.

His nurse tonight is one we haven't had before but I really liked her. She told me that she thinks his oxygen requirement has a lot to do with his reflux. She also mentioned that he's getting a bath tonight and that they generally require less oxygen after a bath because they are so relaxed. I've been more at peace about the oxygen the last day or two. I still really want it to decrease but I know deep down that it will eventually.

I was able to hold Gaines today at the afternoon visit. He wasn't swaddled up like normal and it was kind of like holding a wet cat at first. His little arms and legs were flailing about, he arched his back in a fit, he cried his little kitten cry and his fingernails were clawing at was pretty funny. He quickly settled down and rested pretty well with me. I was able to hold him to my chest for the first time and I actually felt a little more comfortable holding him today. The first few times I was like a statue with him...I was so afraid to move. I didn't want to pull a cord out or make his monitors go off. Today I changed the way I was holding him a couple of times. Gently of course but it felt more natural today. case Beau hasn't mentioned it, he held Gaines last week and probably will tomorrow. I just didn't want you all to think I was hogging him.

The doctors decided today that Gaines no longer needs his blood gases taken. They are discontinued unless he gives them a reason (like increased oxygen requirements, etc) to start back. Also, yesterday he had some pretty good sized residuals but today's were much better. The last one was only 1 cc. I'm guessing that yesterday's residuals played into the weight loss.

I think that's about all that I have to report for now. Please keep Gaines in your prayers...specifically his little lungs.

Oh...just a fun fact...I've been in DC for two months now. I left on March 18th.




lauren said...

i pray for you and your family all the time. i am hoping that gaines continues to improve and you can all go back home soon!

Stephanie said...

So glad you got to hold him today and that Beau is getting a chance too :) Continuing to pray!

Ruthie said...

I always love hearing about when you get to hold him! It makes my Mama-heart swell with love thinking how special that must be!!! Praying for Gaines. Wow, 2 months, hard to believe!


Amy said...

For some reason my browser acted like your blog didn't exist when I first tried to load it. I almost panicked! Glad you are still here giving updates. ;)

Good news on the oxygen continuing to come down and the residuals being better today. Also happy that you were more comfortable holding him.

Isn't it funny how you can be in a hospital so long and STILL get a new-to-you nurse? Just when you think you know them all.... :)

Can't wait to see a pic of Reed's new haircut when you get the time!

Still praying!

Lori said...

Great news on the oxygen going down. I am happy to hear you got to snuggle with your little guy. I am glad to hear your getting less anxious about his oxygen, all we can do is pray that God will handle it and HE will in His time, continue to be patient and let God handle it. Prayers in Ohio