Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So sorry that this is so late but the internet at our place is acting up today. Hopefully we'll get it straightened out tomorrow. This will be short because I'm at the hospital about to visit Gaines.

Gaines is having another good day. His oxygen is hanging around 28-30%...I'd like for it to be lower but its still really good for a baby with his lungs. His blood gases still look great and he's up to 3 lbs 7 ounces. We are so excited about his weight. Right now he's getting 16 ccs of milk every three hours and he's tolerating it well. The big news is that I got to hold him again today. Also, he had a shirt on this afternoon. He looked so cute. I did get pictures of me holding him and of him in his shirt. I'll try and get them up tomorrow if the internet cooperates.

That's about it for now. We are still having the best time with Reed. Please continue to keep Gaines in your prayers. It would be awesome if he could start working his way down to 21% oxygen. Then we could try weaning from the CPAP.

Oh...PS...He's 32 weeks today.

Love to all,



Grammy Jane said...

Sounds great! I'll keep praying and hoping that you'll all be home before too long. Glad that Reed is with you this week.

Collier Chronicles said...

so glad to hear great news. we kept a shirt from our nicu as a reminder of what we went through

Cary said...

Yea Gaines!!!!

Penni said...

Yippee!! Good day for you all! Just let me know if I can send a teeny tiny newborn Bama shirt. If Beau will let him wear it, I'll send it immediately!

Holly said...

That's great that he's doing well. :)

Karen said...

Happy 32 weeks, Gaines - way to go! Know ya'll are having fun with Reed and that being with him helps you to feel more "normal" in a very un-normal situation.

Still praying in Oneonta!