Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brudah Gene

For the longest time Reed didn't acknowledge that he had a brother. I'm still not totally sure that he gets it but now he will say "brudah" when he sees a picture of Gaines. When you ask what his name is he tries to say Gaines but it comes out "Gene". Now Gene is a perfectly nice name but I really hope that it doesn't stick...I'm kind of partial to Gaines.

Gaines is actually doing really great today. Last night he got down to 33% oxygen and has stayed there all day. They tried to bump him down to 32% today but he didn't go for that. It's amazing that one percent makes that big of a difference. He didn't do so great on his weight last night though. He lost 110 grams. That's a lot for such a little guy...about 3 ounces. The doctors don't seem too concerned. They feel like its because of his new diuretic.

He is now getting another diuretic (in addition to the lasiks) called aldacta-something. This is at the recommendation of the cardiologist. That started yesterday and his oxygen came down so it seems to be working. I pray that he's able to get to 32% soon.

I want to grab on to this little bit of progress and hope that its the beginning of some big progress but I'm so afraid to. I really think he'll probably hold on to this for a few days and then maybe come down a little more. I guess only time will tell.

Everything else is still going well. I got to hold Gaines this afternoon. I've figured out that if I go around 4:00, he's awake and pretty alert. Oh, he seems to be doing well on his four hour schedule. His nurse last night said that he was an angel. I'd say that's a lot better than feisty.

I need to run. Reed is asking for his turn at the computer. :)

Love to all,



Ruthie said...

Good to hear an update. Praying for the "big" progress you all are longing for.


Anonymous said...

Beau and Brittany,
We have been following your progress since the beginning and are so thankful that Gaines is doing well. You have been in our prayers! The pictures are so sweet-he's beautiful.

George & Jessi Parker

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Time is passing and Gaines is growing and seems to be getting better. Still checking on you and praying every day. Reed is precious, also, and I am glad that all of you are together for now.
Kathy B./Georgia

Giggles said...

WOW, what a day!