Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Months

I've been here for three months today. I left home on March 17 thinking I was going on three night work trip. For some reason today that three night trip keeps popping in my head and kind of makes me feel like I'm on Gilligan's Island. I know that's ridiculous but they thought they were just going on a 3 hour tour when they got stranded so you can see where I got it.

Sorry, that was random.

Gaines is doing great today and I almost want to spank his little fanny. Worrying me like he did yesterday only to get down to 26% last night! Yep, he was at 30% when I visited this morning but last night he was between 26 and 31. Hopefully he'll keep doing well today. Just goes to show that these doctors know what they are talking about. He is still 5 lbs 1 oz.

I had my post partum check-up today and I kind of felt like they did a little mental exam on me. They didn't come right out and say, "We think you might be crazy," but I could tell they wanted to make sure I was sane. Not sane...I'm kidding about that but I did feel like they wanted to make sure I was handling everything ok.

Having a "normal" newborn is really hard and enough to drive you crazy so I think they just wanted to make sure I wasn't depressed or anything. I do appreciate them checking on me but really, I'm ok. Obviously I have my down days (read yesterday's post for proof) but overall I think I'm doing better this time around than I did with Reed. Pretty sure being able to sleep helps.

On my way out of the doctor's office I ran into my old favorite OB doctor from the hospital. It was so good to see her. I talked to her for a bit and she hugged me when I left. We have met so many people since we've been here and so many of them have been wonderful but some just really stick out in your mind. I can't put a finger on why they do, they just do.

I'll run for now. It's raining just hard enough here to keep you inside. I hear that the high is 99 back home today. Can't say that I miss that part of home too much. That and the mosquitoes. I take that back. I'd kiss a mosquito right now if it meant I was home. Maybe we'll all be there soon.

Love to all,



The Ellis Family said...

Congratulations on today's latest improvement! We'll keep praying that he stays in this direction and avoids the upswings.

Collier Chronicles said...

You are completely sane and doing wonderful, especially being so far from home.

A 3 hour tour, a 3 hour tour. I watched it every morning before leaving for school. TBS rocked.

I continually think and pray for you guys! You will all be home one day; maybe sooner than we all know.

Keep the faith!

Kelli said...

Yep the heat index is 100 this week! UGH! So glad to hear that Gaines is improving, and I yes I thought of Gilligan's Island also. I would have brought it up if you hadn't...LOL!

Thinking of you all from sweltering Grand Bay!


Penni said...

26%?! Whohoo! Go Gaines! That is fabulous!!! I'm so glad you are getting taken care of as well. The mommy is still important, too. And, girl, you better sleep now.....

I won't even TELL you how hot it is outside right now. It's ridiculous.

Avery Tales said...

Sounds like little Gaines already has a sense of humor! So glad to know that he's back to the normal range today.

I'm really glad that the doctor asked about how YOU are doing. Mommyhood isn't easy and NICU Mommyhood is an emotional roller coaster. I'm so glad that you're feeling good and strong. I'm confident that your strength is helping Gaines grow stronger.

Hang in there. You'll be home soon and I'm sure the mosquitoes will welcome you!

Katie said...

Glad to hear Gaines is having a good day today! Wow, 26!!! I am glad they checked you as well... as someone else mentioned, you (and Beau) are just important! Having personally suffered from PPD way longer than anyone should, I wish my doc had given me a mental check.

Katie & Jonathan

PS - I also love the mental picture of trying to kiss a mosquito.

The Rathmell Family said...

That's wonderful news! Gaines is doing great!

Susan Reneau Rathmell

Kelly said...

So happy to hear Gaines is doing better! And no, you are not insane. You are doing wonderful, probably better than alot of other people would be, including me :) Keep up the good spirits. We are ready for ya'll to get home so we can hold that sweet baby!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe it has been three months...I'm so glad you have chosen to keep your story updated on blog so that we can follow along. I don't comment all the time but I do check in all the time just to see all that the Lord is doing your lives! What a blessing your blog is....YEAH for a great Gaines day!!

Karen said...


You just keep loving on your little boys and we'll just keep on praying for all of you. Hmmm...kissing a mosquito??? Houston, we may have a problem!!! LOL

Still praying in Oneonta

Karen said...

Slowly but steady wins the that the saying?? Glad to hear that Gaines is winning the race although I know you wish he would speed up his pace. Many prayers that he continues to go in the right direction!

Karen in Virginia

Mab said...

you made me laugh several times in this post! :) So I say you are DEFINITELY sane! loved that last line especially about kissing the mosquito!
Keep taking care! praying all the time!