Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a Day

Our day started out with Brittany visiting the hospital this morning while Reed and I went to Trader Joe's (grocery store). Rather than putting Reed in his stroller, I let him walk beside me (holding my hand of course). He thought he was so big getting to walk to Trader Joe's. The only time he let go of my hand was so he could stop and smell some flowers. He doesn't really smell them, he just sort of bends over and puts his face near the flower. One of Brittany's favorite things to do is to smell flowers. I guess the old saying is true...monkey see, monkey do.

Shortly after returning from Trader Joe's, Reed took a nap. Surprisingly, he only slept for about an hour. So after a quick lunch, off to the pool we went...or as Reed calls it, the "big bath". He loved it and below are a few pictures of him swimming. After swimming, we quickly changed clothes, checked on Gaines and off to church we went. After church, we had hamburgers and real sweet tea for dinner. After dinner it was back to the hospital to see Gaines and then back to our hotel/apartment to put Reed to bed. He fell asleep immediately.

Throughout this busy day, Gaines oxygen requirements were about 37%. He did get another blood transfusion today and because of the new blood the doctors hope his oxygen requirements to drop by 5%. He is now 4 pounds 11.2 ounces. Please keep praying for him, he has come so far.



Giggles said...

What a cutie! Looks like he had a good time!

Sara said...

Still praying for you guys! Hope that June will bring you home to Alabama!!! Gaines is precious (as is Reed) and we just pray for his strength and growth! Thanks for the wonderful updates you continue to provide. I check in daily!!
Thinking of you all!
Sara Blakeney

Ruthie said...

Reed is so cute, I love his swim trunks! Praying for Gaines.


Stephanie said...

He's so handsome and looks like he had a great time swimming. They always wear themselves out in the water so he'll sleep good tonight. Might even make you want to go and swim everyday :) Praying for Gaines!

Diana said...

Praying that the transfusion will help Gaines lower his oxygen needs and the holes in the heart start closing soon. Enjoy every day with Reed, once Gaines comes home life will never be the same!