Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Good Morning!

We are at the hospital right now. Gaines is doing about the same. He's consistent if nothing else. He's at 35% oxygen and has been all through the night. They've decided to do another heart echo tomorrow. It may be too early to tell if his VSDs are closing but please pray that we are able to see some progress with those and that they are closing. Also, they quit the bottle feedings that they were trying. He's not doing so well with them and they were afraid that he'd aspirate so they stopped for a while. They say that him trying to take a bottle on CPAP is the equivalent to us trying to drink something with our head hanging out the window of a car. I'm a little disheartened about it but he'll get it eventually.

We had a great day yesterday with our friends. We flew a kite on the national mall right near the Washington Monument. Reed loved it. We also are about settled into our new place. This house is much nicer than our little apartment and has "real" furniture. It really makes me miss my own house.

Also, we went to a real grocery store this morning. It was nice and just like ours back home. I told Beau my first grocery shopping trip when I get home is going to be expensive. Things I don't even usually buy just seem so enticing.

We are headed to lunch with our friends. Hope you all have a great day!

Oh, and a special Happy Father's Day to my sweet husband, my awesome dad and my wonderful father-in-law. You all have helped me so much get through this crazy time and I am forever grateful.

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