Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday's Report

Gaines seems to be having a good day today. At 9:00 this morning he had gotten down to 34% oxygen. He was even on his back which is a big deal as he usually does better on his stomach. I'm hopeful that today will be a day of a little progress.

He had just gotten settled when I got to the hospital this morning so I didn't want to hold him and bother him but I'm going to try and time my next visit with his "cares". They do his cares every three hours. Basically this is just a diaper change, temperature check, suctioning etc. It's just easier and better for him if we try and hold him at those times. That way he gets plenty of rest.

The NICU sent 3 babies home yesterday. From what I gather that was a pretty big day for them. One of the babies was a 24 weeker that had been there for 111 days. You could really tell that the nurses were genuinely excited for the family. They really do love these little babies. It really makes me appreciate where we are with Gaines. We very easily could have had a similar situation. The baby's parents looked so excited to finally be able to take their little girl home. I can't wait for that day for us.

Please continue to keep Gaines and our family in your prayers. Please pray for steady progress and peace for Beau and I as we continue to wait on our little boy.

Also, please keep the Smith family in your prayers. Their little boy is having heart surgery today. I know how hard it is to turn your baby over to doctors and not be able to help them at all. Plus they are away from home as well. Pray that God comforts them and for Dylon's surgery to be successful.

Love to all,



Ruthie said...

Just prayed for your family and for Dylon! I asked the Lord to let Gaines make some ground today and thanked Him for Gaines' little life. He's a tough baby and such a fighter! I really do feel privilaged to get to pray for your family each day and to see the Lord working in your lives, especially Gaines'!!!

God bless you,

rsikes said...

Hey Brittany,

I was just checking in on you guys before I go home. Said a prayer for Gaines and Dylon. Both of your blogs have good news. :) Gaines oxygen levels have been better today and Dylon's surgery was a success. I wanted to let you know that I sent a package to you earlier this week (Tuesday I think). My husband took it to the post office for me - I gave him a paper with the EXACT address to send it to. When he gave me the receipt from the post office it had a shipping address to Bank of New York. YIKES ! ! He talked with the lady at the post office and she says she is "almost positive" she sent it to the address he gave her. She apparently had two packages that day to ship (you have to remember I live in a very small town) and she thinks she just got the addresses mixed up on the receipts. So anyway, let me know if you don't receive it. If it really did go to the Bank of New York they are going to be very confused. LOL And, I guess if she sent your package to Bank of New York - then you may have received some crazy package that was supposed to go to them. Oh well, hopefully she got it right.

Billy Irvin said...

Beau & Brittany,

We are praying as you have requested...steady progress and peace for both of you....

Isaiah 58:11 brings some great words of comfort....
The Lord will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.

May you feel an extra touch of His Peace and His Strength.

Billy & Camilla Irvin

Karen said...

Beau and Brittany - Happy Anniversay! Hope you have a special day together.

Know it was encouraging to see babies being discharged from NICU yesterday. Before you know it, you'll be the parents getting those discharge instructions!

Continuing to pray for your family, and now for little Dylon also.

Karen in Oneonta