Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not Much Right Now

All is well this morning. Gaines got to about 38% overnight but was at 34% when I left the hospital this morning. I plan to meet with the doctors early this afternoon and will report back.

Beau and I were hoping to go together while Reed was napping in his stroller but Reed decided this morning at 2 a.m. that he was ready to start the day. No crying...just ready to play. So, he finally crashed and now I'll talk to the doctor with Beau on speaker phone. Hopefully Reed will cooperate and watch a movie or something.

Oh, P.S...the air conditioner here is broken and it is hot. Awesome.

Stay tuned.

Love to all,


1 comment:

Jennifer said...

The AC is broken?!?! Oh, it was so muggy today..... (does that remind you of home?!?) Hope you can sleep ok tonight!