Thursday, June 25, 2009

Better Day

Today has been a much better day so far. Last night Gaines was between 28-30% and this morning he was at 28% with great sats so I'm hopeful that he might hit 27% today. It is amazing how quickly the Lasix work. Yesterday afternoon he was back down to the low 30s.

I forgot to mention yesterday that the doctors wanted us to try the kangaroo care again. He told me about studies proving that the human touch can be healing. So, I tried it again and Gaines cooperated better this time. The only problem was that he was on Lasix by that point and his little diaper didn't seem to hold up to well so I got pretty wet. Gross I know, but I thought some of you might think it was funny. Beau sure did.

We are in better spirits today. Both of us got pretty down for a little while yesterday. It just hard to stay positive and keep going when there is no real end in sight. Please just keep praying for Gaines and our family. His heart echo is today. Pray that we get something positive out of it. Yesterday's x-ray didn't really tell the doctors too much. They did see that his heart was not any bigger which is a good sign against the congestive heart failure. People with CHF have bigger hearts because they have to work harder. This is good news that Gaines' didn't seem bigger but we should know more with the echo today.

Today should be a good day. I have two uncles and an aunt in town and we are looking forward to seeing them. We love having visitors. I think that's about it for now. Reed's napping so I need to take care of a few things.


blieb said...

Glad to hear little man is doing better today and glad to hear yall are in better spirits.


Thomas and Jamie said...

Glad to see we're back to the 2 steps forward part of this!! Also...good to hear Gaines finally pottied on momma!! That's always a fun milestone!

Jennifer said...

Hey...just being able to hold your baby so he can pee all over you is a big step forward!! YEAH :) Hope you have fun with your company!

Victoria said...

Hey! I just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you! Coleman, my two year old boy has been praying for Gaines BEFORE baseball, football, and basketball, this is huge for him!
Your boys are so beautiful.

Tori Lassiter