Friday, June 5, 2009

Change Of Plans

First of all, how cute is that picture of Gaines? Can't you tell how cute he'll be when he gets that CPAP off of his face?

We had a slight change of plans due to the nasty weather today. The weather here is never severe or anything its just nasty...wet, drizzly, cold. It probably wouldn't be so bad if we didn't walk everywhere we go but I don't think a car here would be worth it. Anyway, we have rescheduled our dinner for tomorrow night when the weather will be nice and we can have a pleasant walk. Tonight we went to Target. Romantic...I know.

By the way, I paid Beau to say all of those nice things about me. At the risk of cheesing everyone out, I'm really the lucky one. Seriously. I have such a great husband. Much more than I deserve. I wouldn't be able to do this or many of the things I do without him. He supports me 100% and is an awesome father. I only hope my two boys turn out like him.

Moving on...

Beau is visiting Gaines now and Reed is in bed so I thought I'd update. I'm not sure how Gaines is right this minute but this afternoon he was doing well. His oxygen was at 37% and he was doing well. I didn't hold him today because right after I held him yesterday is when he started needing more oxygen.

Actually...Beau just called. Gaines was at 36% when he got there and he got to hold him while his nurse changed his bedding etc. It's times like that when we don't feel so bad holding him...when they have to mess with him anyway. That's why we generally try and schedule our visits around his cares. We get to spend more time with him.

Tomorrow's plan is to take Reed swimming! It should be super fun. He loves the water. All year I've been looking forward to taking him swimming this summer. He was just really starting to enjoy it by the end of last summer.

OH! I keep forgetting...Gaines had another head ultrasound this week and it came back clear. His brain bleed has cleared up.

Thank you to everyone out there that has kept Gaines and our family in your prayers. Please keep them up!

Love to all,



m said...

We are loving the pic of Gaines...he looks awesome...great eyes!

Andrea and Martin Harris

Thomas and Jamie said...

YEA for the NON Brain Bleed! We'll thank God for the small treasures He throws our way! CONGRATULATIONS - that's big news!!

Ruthie said...

What great news about Gaines' brain bleed being all cleared up! It sounds like his o2 needs have been down a bit too, which is just wonderful! Have fun swimming. I have two water babies and I just love that my kiddos love the water, because I do too! Hope some sunshine comes out for you all in DC. Praying!


Elisabeth said...

Still keeping you guys in our prayers and hoping Gaines can go home soon!

Thats so neat your Anniversary is so close to ours we celebrated 3 years on the 3rd. No children yet but we've been praying for them since we've been married :-D

Get well soon Gaines!