Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Two Liters!

I feel like every post's title lately has an exclamation point on it...and if they don't they should. Gaines got turned down to 2 liters today and seems to be doing pretty well with it so far. I'm so proud of him. Also, he's taken his last four feedings by bottle. I'll find out how he did at his 8 p.m. feeding when I call in a little while. If he took it by bottle, its a new record. The doctor today wrote orders to feed Gaines by bottle at any feeding that he was awake and alert. Basically just to use their judgement and not force him into anything that he's not up for. Going to 2 liters today is a big enough adjustment.

I'm slowly warming to the idea that maybe this NICU experience could be slowly wrapping up (in the next several weeks...not tomorrow or anything). There...I said it and I've probably jinxed things now. I'm scared to death to admit that because I'm terrified of being wrong. Even now I'm thinking about deleting that sentence. I'm so afraid to hope but the tiny piece of me that I'm letting hope is so excited. I don't know if any of that makes sense. This feeling is so weird and impossible to put into words. Even for me...HA!

Please keep Gaines in your prayers. Pray that he is able to take a full day of bottles soon and for his lungs to continue healing. Pray that he tolerates 2 liters well and that soon he'll be able to wean down again soon.

Love to all,



Amanda said...

Yay for hopeful optomistic thoughts of a life outside of the NICU. For without hope, we have nothing. Okay that sounded too deep. But yay for 2 liters and 4 bottles- woo hoo Gaines!

Sarah said...

Fantastic news!!! Praying that he gets to come home sooner than you won't even let yourself hope for. :)

The Ellis Family said...

He's getting there! Don't be scared - it will all fall into place!!

Donna said...

This is exciting news! Go Gaines! Still praying for you all.

Trisha said...

YEAH Gaines! Feeding issues is what held up our DC from the NICU (They knew our son would be going home on oxygen, so kept him at 1L, 100% all the time towards the end so he could focus on eating). Suddenly one day he "got it" and it was like he never had a problem with bottles. They even had to cut back on the calories because he was gaining too much weight! I hope this is the case for Mr Gaines too and that you'll have him home soon where he can thrive.
You continue to be in my prayers,
(PROM at 19 weeks, baby born at 28 an active 3 year old!)

Jennifer said...

Love the good report!!