Monday, August 10, 2009


I'm miffed. I just spent an hour typing a really long post and something happened in posting and I lost the last half of it. I'm going to copy and paste the Gaines part of it and I guess I'll try and re-post the rest of it tomorrow. I wrote a really long piece about our sermon at church on Sunday and how it really struck me. It was about the storms in our lives and how important it is to have faith in God. Anyway, here is the part about Gaines for now. I'm so disappointed that I lost all of that!!

All is still well today. Late this afternoon Gaines' doctor gave the order to bump him down to 3 liters. This doctor is new to us but seems great so far. He was very thorough and according to our nurse, spent a good bit of time with Gaines today. He called me this afternoon and we talked for a while about what has and has not worked for Gaines. He said that he wanted to talk to me because he didn't want to try something with Gaines that had already failed. Long story short...he's down to 3 liters and I guess we'll see if he tolerates it.

Please pray with us that he does. He has made so much good progress lately and all of his nurses, therapists etc agree that he is doing so much better. I have noticed in the last 10 days or so that he seems so alert. Over the weekend he cooed at me a little bit and today he was really trying to hold his head up on his own. The pictures that we post of him seriously do not do him justice.

Love to all,



Monica said...

glad to hear things are continuing to go well. Still praying for you and your family. May little G hold to the 3 liter change.

Diana said...

Praying that the change to 3 liters holds and that he we will be one step closer to going home. Praying for strength for guys as you travel through this journey.

The Williamson's said...

I'm so glad to hear that Gaines is doing well with 3 liters. I'm praying that he continues to tolerate this new change. I hate that you lots the other part of your post. Sorry about that!
I hope you and the rest of your family have a great week!