Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still a Little Frustrated

Gaines is doing very well. His oxygen was increased yesterday to 70% because the doctor was requiring his SATS to be above 95. Since yesterday, the nurses have been able to wean his oxygen down to 58% and his SATS are still above 95. Pretty impressive on its own, but remember the doctor also reduced his lasix from 3 doses per day to only 2. He is really doing well.

There was some concern because Gaines gained 4 ounces of weight the very first night after the doctor reduced the dosage of lasix. However, last night he actually lost an ounce. Hopefully last night's weight loss was a good sign that he will tolerate the reduced lasix. By the way, he is close to 9 pounds weighing in at 8 pounds 13 ounces.

We did get to talk to the new doctor today. He called Brittany about 4:15 in the afternoon. Brittany was able to get some explanations regarding Gaines' care and "the plan" for him. However, no one could really tell us how long this doctor will be at Gaines' hospital. Apparently he is filling in for another doctor and we weren't even able to find out which doctor would be at the hospital tomorrow, much less the rest of the week. A new doctor every week is frustrating enough. You can imagine our frustrations having one doctor one day and a different one the next.

I had to remind myself today to not miss the forest for the trees. I was focusing so much on my frustration with the doctor situation that I was missing the progress Gaines is making. I know it is the devil at work. God is performing some amazing miracles right now in Gaines and I was missing them because of my frustrations. Even with all the changes the doctors are making, he just continues to move in the right direction. I feel like we just need to get out of his way.

Please pray that his lungs continue to heal and that he continues to improve his bottle feedings. Also, please pray for guidance and patience for his doctors, his nurses, and Brittany and me.



Andrew and Lauren Hess said...

We are continuing to pray for Gaines and a strong pair of lungs, and appetite and knowledgeable nurses and doctors! Know that we went through the same frustrations of feeding with our son Carson who was a 26 weeker. He was all well and good and ready to come home except for the fact he would NOT eat! I had to learn patience which was very difficult. He finally started doing better but I must say since he has been home he is still not a good eater. Hang in there, you guys are amazingly strong parents.

Lauren Hess

Katie said...

Way to go Gaines! You are doing awesome little man!!!

I can only begin to imagine the frustration that comes with having so many doctors caring for Gaines. I think you all have done a tremendous job of being the best advocates for Gaines as you can. Yall are amazing.

K, D & J

April said...

I am amazed at how well you handle everything! I would be a basket case by now! God never gives you more than you can handle, so you have been hand picked by God to have Gaines and all of his problems. God is truly blessing you in all of this!

Danny and April Hadden