Friday, July 31, 2009

Short and Sweet

Just a quick one this morning. Gaines is doing really well right now. His nurses are weaning his oxygen ever so slowly (1 point every 3-4 hours) but it seems to be working. They've weaned him down to 58% and he's doing really well with it. At his last bottle feeding he took 15ccs which is about a quarter of his bottle. Please pray that he keeps making this slow and steady progress and for another good day.

Love to all,



Diana said...

That is awesome! Praying that all continues to go well!

Lori said...

That's wonderful news! Still praying in Ohio.

our family said...

Still praying for Gaines to heal and come home soon! May God give you both patience as you wait on him. Love the new pictures below. He is beautiful. can't wait to see pictures of him at home with his family.
Hugs and prayers
Rachel in Pa

Penni said...

Haven't commented in a while, but you know we're still thinking of you and praying especially hard for that little one!

The Williamson's said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing well. Still praying here in Birmingham.