Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Forgot the Pictures

When I left for work this morning I forgot to take our camera with me. Brittany remembered to take the camera with her but she forgot to take pictures of Gaines' new "condo". I describe it as a condo because it has all the bells and whistles. I think Brittany got a little excited when we were told that we could bring some stuff from home for Gaines. She packed a quilt to lay over his mattress. She packed several blankets, a stuffed elephant that plays music, his boppy pillow, his car seat and his mobile. I almost had to make two trips into the hospital. It was a lot of stuff.

When I visited this afternoon the nurse was getting ready to move Gaines bed. He is now in the corner of the NICU, almost by himself. He is the only baby in a toddler bed, the only baby with a mobile, and the only baby with toys. He really seemed to like the mobile. He stared at it and listened to the music. The nurses told me that if other parents questioned all his stuff she would tell them it was perk you got after three months in the NICU.

The doctors did temporarily change some of his medicines. He is not getting lasix for the next couple of days. The lasix are being temporarily replaced by a stronger diuretic. His oxygen requirement has increased from 35% to 75% since he arrived in Montgomery one week ago (he has maintained 2 liters of flow). The doctors believe he is probably retaining some fluid. Oh yeah, he now weighs an even 6 pounds 8 ounces. He has more than doubled his birth weight.

Gaines did get to meet his Great Uncle Anthony today (Brittany's side of the family). He has met a lot of family in the past couple of days.

I promise we will have pictures tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers thus far...please continue to pray for Gaines' lungs.



Thomas and Jamie said...

Still praying...normally from Canyon, TX but tonight from a La Quinta hotel in San Angelo! Just thought I'd check in before I bedded in for the night! Can't wait to check in tomorrow and see Gaines' new digs! So happy we're making such good progress and that the Drs are trying a different approach!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

I haven't posted in a while, but I still check in daily. So glad ya'll are home and Gaines is continuing to grow and mature. The last pics were amazing! I know he will enjoy having a few things from home, as well. Best wishes on your continued journey, Kathy B from GA

Rachel E. said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! Praying for continued healing for Gaines' lungs.

Beth said...

Maybe they'll think he is some sort of VIP!!!
Still praying for strength for you guys through all of this as well as healing for Gaines.

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing his new little condo. Still praying for his lungs to improve.

I was up on OB call last night and was pleased to see a post-it note in the middle of the labor/delivery nurses station with your blog address on it. :)