Saturday, July 18, 2009

Normal Saturday

Its been a good day here again. Gaines is doing well so that makes me happy. He's still resting with his three liters and 100% oxygen but I got to spend a lot of time with him today. This afternoon he was awake while I was holding him and he was looking around all bright eyed and alert. They are giving him these sucker type things to suck on since they aren't really trying the bottle feedings right now. They look like a lollipop but are lemon flavored and I think they are to help keep his sucking reflex active. Its so funny to see him laying there with a stick hanging out of his mouth. He was really going to town on those things today. Anyway, tomorrow they will probably start to wean the flow of his oxygen. Please pray that he tolerates that well.

I mentioned my Labor Day goal to the doctor this morning and she felt like it was a reasonable goal. She didn't say, "Oh, he'll surely be home by then" like I had hoped but she didn't shoot it down either.

The rest of the day has been pretty good as well. We ran some errands and Reed went to a birthday party. My sister and her boyfriend came over for dinner and Beau is cleaning up the kitchen right now. I know...I have a really great husband. All in all its been a fairly nice and normal Saturday...especially considering multiple hospital visits are now part of our routine.

Anyway, its late for me so I better run. I don't think Reed is going to let us sleep past 6 ever again. Or once he does, Gaines won't. It will be so weird to have two kids at home...I can't wait!

Love to all,



Ruthie said...

Glad you got to have a pretty normal day. That must feel good! Praying Gaines tolerates the O2 weaning!


Mitzi Levering said...

Hi Brittany,
I've been quietly following your blog for a while. Your strength and endurance are amazing! Our son spent 11 weeks in the NICU and we thought that was a lot. Little Gaines is quite a fighter! He has been and will remain in my prayers!